The 10 Best Places for Dessert in Connecticut via Best Things Connecticut

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Photo: Sift Bake Shop

Photo: Sift Bake Shop

We just had to share this great article from Best Things Connecticut, highlighting the 10 Best Places for Dessert in Connecticut. It’s a solid list. Check it out.

If you find yourself craving something sweet or really need to treat yourself after a tiring day, don’t worry as the Nutmeg State has numerous places to grab a decadent treat. Look at the glorious array of colorful baked goods behind the glass counters, place your order, and sink into a cozy spot to enjoy anything from cupcakes to Italian and French pastries to traditional German sweets. With a little cup of coffee or tea to balance out the sweet, you’ll sure be feeling refreshed in no time.

NoRA Cupcake Company, Middletown, CT

With a storefront in Middletown and cupcake truck cruisin’ the state, NoRA Cupcake Company is a lively cupcake place with on-trend flavors and everyone’s favorite classics. They have a wide variety of flavor creations up their sleeves, but those carried in-house change daily. You might find options such as Irish Car Bomb, Coffee O’s, red velvet cheesecake, lavender Earl Grey, and even vegan and gluten friendly options.

Sugar Bakery, East Haven, CT

Moving onto another cupcakery, Sugar Bakery is known for both its amazing cupcakes and its success on the TV show “Cupcake Wars.” Sugar Bakery sells a wide array of cupcakes and cakes, and can custom create specialty cakes and cupcakes for your special event. Cupcake flavors that you might find in shop include cannoli, s’mores, lemon meringue, unicorn poop, Boston cream, and so many more.

Café Dolce, Norwalk, CT

Café Dolce is locally-known for their artisan espresso drinks, giving you a taste of Italy to balance the sweetness of their home baked sweets. Cakes and pastries available in store change seasonally, but you might find amaretto napoleon, French apples, bread pudding, and buche de Noel. They also offer seasonal cookies and pastries such as Danishes, croissants, and cinnamon rolls.

Drop and Fry, Stamford, CT

How about another trendy dessert option? Drop and Fry serves fried ice cream, which is quite fun to eat as the fried dough on the outside is hot and the ice cream inside is ice cold. Drop and Fry features a wide range of fried dough creations including Oreo, which is Oreo ice cream wrapped in pound cake and fried. For something a bit crazier, they have Wild Creations, which are extravagant sundaes created from fried ice cream and toppings.

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