Fleisher's Craft Kitchen Closing To Focus on Butchery

Stephanie Webster

This Saturday will be the last day of service at Fleishers Craft Kitchen in Westport, the restaurant adjacent to the beloved Saugatuck butcher shop. In 2013, co-founders Ryan Fibiger and Paul Nessel opened the restaurant to further the company's commitment to nose-to-tail eating. Every dish featured cuts of meat from the butcher counter famed for its quality, ethics and transparency. Fibiger, who recently left his position as CEO but continues to advise on long term vision and growth, says, “The restaurant and staff have been integral to teaching people how to prepare Meat Raised Right. But, we've always been a butcher shop first, and we think it's time to get back to our roots and refocus on providing a truly remarkable customer experience.” 

Fleishers now boasts over 10 wholesale clients in Fairfield County, relationships that enable the company to continue to utilize ground beef, sausage, bones, offal, and more. “The culinary scene has come a long way in just a few years. We used to be one of a handful of restaurants that would even consider serving chicharonnes, beef fat fries, or oxtail stew. We had to be our own outlet. Now we’re joined by a community of restauranteurs who recognize that buying well-raised meat isn't just the right thing to do - it tastes better, too." says Samantha Garwin, interim CEO and former apprentice of Fibiger and Nessel. Chef Emily Mingrone, who designed the menu of elevated comfort food, has a blossoming career ahead, beginning a new project shortly after the restaurant closing.