Best Desserts in Connecticut: Happy National Dessert Day!

April Guilbault
Photo Credit: Connecticut Food and Farm at NoRa Cupcake Company 

Photo Credit: Connecticut Food and Farm at NoRa Cupcake Company 

You are going to hate us. But then, after careful consideration, you’re going to really love us. A lot. It’s National Dessert Day and well, we just *had* to gather a deliciously lengthy list of desserts from all over the state. CTBites readers and staff weighed in and we have just the thing to squelch your craving, ease that long day, or just enjoy for the sweet heck of it. We happen to notice, though, there are a lot of bananas and bourbon on this list in all different forms. Is that the magic combination for culinary comfort and delight?? Happy desserting, everyone!
By county…




Norwalk, Stamford

Tres Leches Cake-“Milk cake” and just that…three types of milk (whole, condensed, evaporated) make for a milky, soaked cake that is stacked and sweet. Topped with whipped cream, just in case you weren’t getting enough dairy with your dessert.

Cafe Dolce

345 Main Ave., Norwalk

Dobos Cake-A Hungarian 7- layer extravaganza: layers of sponge cake with chocolate buttercream and topped with caramel. Gorgeous and delicious. Times 7. 

Carl Anthony’s Trattoria

477 Main St., Monroe

Bananarama (no relation to the 80s band)-A warm banana-caramel cheesecake-that alone should be enough-but with bruleed banana, caramel and chocolate ganache to add that perfect, chocolatey touch.

DiMare Pastry Shop

12 Largo Drive South, Stamford

Double Temptation Cake-Delicious Devil’s Food cake, creamy chocolate mousse, and smoothy and rich cheesecake, all stacked together in a perfectly sinful (we had to say it) forkful.

Donut Crazy

various locations

Insanely outrageous donuts with flavors including Caramel Apple, S'mores, PB & J, and Blueberry Butternut. Pastry chef Susanne Berne goes above and beyond with this breakfast and desserts favorite. 

Drop and Fry

464 Shippan Ave., Stamford

Various ice creams, wrapped in pound cake, FRIED, and then, if the wasn’t decadent enough, topped with anything from powdered sugar to cookie dough to Kit Kats. 

El Segundo

3 North Water St., Norwalk

Churro Sundae-Swirly vanilla and coffee ice cream, topped with house made candied pecans and, wait for it…sugary churros *filled* with Dulce de L eche shoved in there, too. 

Fat Cat Pie Company

9-11 Wall St., Norwalk

Butterscotch pudding-Creamy, dreamy, you-don’t-want-to-know-the-ingredients-list bowl of goodness. Just like Mama used to make, but waaaay better (ssshh, don’t tell her).

Ferris Acres Creamery

144 Sugar St., Newtown

Cow Trax-Vanilla ice cream with swirls of peanut butter and caramel, complete with mini chocolate chips. 

Note: The window closes for the season on Oct. 30th but they will still be taking holiday orders. Go to website for order forms.


26 Forest St., New Canaan

Creamy Coconut-Silky, make-you-remember-your-trip-to-Italy gelato, coconut gelato with shredded coconut floating throughout.

HooDoo Brown BBQ

967 Ethan Allen Hwy., Ridgefield

Banana Bourbon Cream Pie-The crust is made with Nilla wafers (there’s a happy blast from the past), creamy custard banana bourbon filling with fresh bananas, with a big ol’ layer of house made whipped cream and crumbled Nillas on top.

Hub and Spoke

3001 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport

Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie-A chocolate wafer crust (hence the black bottom) filled with pastry cream and fresh bananas, topped with whipped cream and, of course, chocolate sauce

La Zingara

8 PT Barnum Square, Bethel

Tiramisu-Espresso and brandy soaked ladyfingers, layered with a mascarpone mousse and crushed chocolate. You know the drill. But it’s always good to know where to find a good Tiramisu.

Le Penguin

Greenwich, Westport

Tart Tatin-Caramelized warm apple tart (but it’s upside down, that’s what makes it special. Those delicious cooked apples are on top) with vanilla sauce. Perfection during fall and winter. Or spring and summer. 

Marly’s Bar & Bistro

101 Old Ridgefield Road, Wilton

Macy's Mousse-A rich combination of dark and milk chocolates that is a true chocoholics creamy delight. And what’s not to like about that?


98 Washington St., Norwalk

A stack of just baked, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies accompanied by just the right amount of peanut butter gelato and whipped cream. And kids have all the fun? I think not.

Michele’s Pies

666 Main Ave., Norwalk

Apple Caramel Crump pie-Generous crumb topping, super sweet and tender apples piled high and a good drizzle of caramel on top. Lordy.

Mr. Frosty’s Ice Cream

6 First St., Norwalk

Apple Waffle Sundae (seasonal)-A warm Belgian waffle topped with locally made vanilla ice cream, caramelized apples, gooey hot caramel, cinnamon crumb, and fluffy whipped cream.

St. Moritz Bakery

383 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich

Sarah Bernhardt chocolates-Named for a French actress who starred in “Hamlet”, these are almond macaroons, topped with a silky chocolate filling and then enrobed in melted chocolate. Truffle-esque, but different. And better.

SoNo Baking Company

South Norwalk, Darien and Westport locations

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake-  This decadent dessert is available in multiple sizes ranging from 6" to full sheet cake to insure that every chocolate lovers dreams come true. 

Sweet Lisa's

3 Field Rd.  Cos Cob, CT

Sweet Lisa's Exquisite Cakes provides award-winning, high-end custom design pastry cakes, pastries, cookies and cupcakes for any occasion.

The Common Bond Market

40 Huntington St., Shelton

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes-Chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream, topped with chocolate ganache and mini marshmallows. And guess what? They are gluten-free and vegan.

The Schoolhouse at Cannondale

34 Cannon Rd., Wilton

Chocolate soufflé for two-Rule #1: Share with a friend who knows how to share. This fluffy dream of a dessert comes with dark chocolate sauce to drizzle in and sweet cream ice cream on the side for that hit of cool (flavors vary night to night).

Valencia Luncheria

164 Main St., Norwalk

Nutella and Cream Cheese Empanadas-Warm Nutella. Gooey sweet cream cheese. Crack open this crispy empanada and both come oozing out. There’s really no more that needs to be said.

Walrus & Carpenter

2895 Fairfield Ave., Black Rock, CT

Walrus Pie – Buckle up, baconophiles and sugarholics. The crust is a bacon-chocolate chip cookie, the middle is peanut butter ice cream and all over everything is bacon crumble, bacon candy, and chocolate. Eating is believing. 

Washington Prime

Georgetown, South Norwalk

Bananas Foster Cake-Everything you love about Bananas Foster, and seriously what’s not to love?…in a cake. Topped with a light icing made of banana liquor and cream and finished with still more caramelized bananas. 

The Whelk

575 Riverside Ave. Westport, CT

Olive Oil cake with figs-  Marinated seasonal figs top an olive oil infused cake and fresh whipped cream.  This not-to-sweet- dessert is a perfect ending to a delicious dinner.


Abigail’s Grille & Wine Bar

4 Hartford Rd., Simsbury

Bread Pudding- A banana, peanut butter, and chocolate chip bread pudding, paired with a scoop of J Foster’s chocolate ice cream on the side. It’s got it all and could be considered by some to be a meal on its own.


775 Hopmeadow St., Simsbury

Carrot Cake-House made classic carrot cake using a 150-year-old family recipe. Cream cheese frosting on top. The works!

Barcelona Wine Bar

Various locations

Dulce de Leche Crepes-The French and the Spanish mingle in a most delightful way. Light crepes, rolled up and containing a gooey filling of caramel-y Dulce de Leche and vanilla cream.Topped with a squiggle of chocolate sauce and ice cream. And to think the crepe had you thinking it was a light dessert…

Cake Gypsy

Canton and Avon locations

Lemon Coconut Cupcake-A lemon cake complete with lemon filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream and topped with flaked coconut and a candied lemon slice. Lllllove Lllllemon. 

Flatbread Company

In the Shoppes at Farmington Valley, Canton

Griffin Farmstead Apple Cider Donut Sundae – J. Foster’s ice cream, with two apple cider donuts that have been warmed in their wood-fired oven and topped with homemade maple syrup-sweetened whipped cream

Giuseppina’s Italian Bakery

946 Sullivan Ave., South Windsor

Chocolate Mousse Cake-Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. A chocolate cake with chocolate mousse between the layers. 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of mousse. 7 layers of divine.

J. Gilberts

185 Glastonbury Blvd., Glastonbury

Carrot Cake-Traditional carrot cake but with a pecan-praline filling, sweet cream cheese frosting and topped with toasted coconut and crème anglaise

The North House 

1 Nod Rd., Avon

Blueberry Cake Pudding-A White Chocolate Blueberry Cake Pudding with blueberry puree, chocolate chunks and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Blueberries are good for you, you know?

Max a Mia

70 E. Main St., Avon

Coconut Layer Cake-A vanilla cake with coconut creme oozing between the layers, toasted coconut topping it generously, all the while, sitting in a lovely puddle of toffee sauce

Max’s Oyster Bar

964 Farmington Ave., West Hartford

Chocolate Beignets-A Chocolate Truffle coated in Beignet batter and fried, then rolled in sugar for good measure. Sugar. Chocolate. Fried. Oh my.

Present Company

2 Tunxis Rd., Tariffville

Floating Island-No man is an island but a man could use a floating island every once in a while. A soft poached meringue floating in crème anglaise, serve with a Scottish shortbread and crème de cassis

Restaurant Bricco

78 Lasalle Rd., West Hartford

Nutella Pie-Nutella mousse sitting in an Oreo cookie crust, topped with hazelnut caramel whipped cream (as if eating it out of the jar wasn’t decadent enough)

Rooster Co.

1076 Main St., Newington

Potato Chip Brownie-A chocolate brownie with potato chips *in the batter* for crunch (no nuts!), topped with chocolate bark, a drizzle of salted caramel, and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Tangiers International Market

550 Farmington Ave., Hartford

Baklava-Crispy, flakey, walnut-y, honey-y, sweet. Go get thee a square!


980 Farmington Ave., West Hartford

Local Honey Budino-A Budino, so you know, is an Italian custard or pudding and this one is made with local honey. Served with a side of Fig gelato, sweetness ensues.

Wood-n-Tap Bar & Grill

various locations

Livy’s cheesecake-Made with whipped Mascarpone cheese, this velvety cake has an Oreo cookie crust. Topped with fresh strawberries and blackberries and comes with a trio of delicious sauces: caramel, chocolate and raspberry.


CBBG Dessert Bar

469 Main St., Watertown

Slutty Brownies (vegan brownie bars)-Chocolate chip bottom layer, gooey chocolate middle layer and rich brownie layer on top of that. Who said sluts are bad?

Passiflora Cafe, Tea Room & Herbal Shoppe

526 Main St., New Hartford

Matcha Green Cupcakes-Matcha green tea cupcake with accompanying frosting…and vegan at that!

The Sweet Spot

60 Railroad St., New Milford

Banana Chocolate Vegan cupcake-Banana cupcake with whips of chocolate frosting on top and crowned with a banana chip

New Haven


283 Captain Thomas Blvd., West Haven

Rice Pudding-House made comforting, creamy pudding topped with a dollop of whipped cream. And no raisins for the anti-raisin crowd!

Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro

93 Whitney Ave., New Haven

Chocolate Pot de Creme-A rich, chocolate pudding topped with vanilla bean whipped cream (Note:There have been instances of it topped with peanut butter whipped cream or a Swiss meringue, too. Be on the lookout)

Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop

139 Wooster St. New Haven

Cannoli-Crisp shells, creamy fillings…plain, chocolate filled, dusted with coconut, chocolate-dipped shells, just dusted with confectioner sugar. Take your pick. 

Middlebury Consignments

1365 Whittlemore Rd., Middlebury

Limoncello Tea Cake-With a taste of Italy and zesty Limoncello liquor, this spongy tea cake is served with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Nora Cupcakes Co.

various locations

Just about any cupcake from Nora's creative team is worth craving. Some of our favorites are: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Boozy Breakfast, Mexican Wedding and Mounds.

Sugar Cupcakes and Bakery

422-424 Main St., East Haven

Anginette Cupcake-These festive cupcakes taste like an Italian anisette cookie! Anise cupcake with a confectioner’s sugar glaze, and sprinkled with those colorful nonpariels that we all know so well.

Shell & Bones

100 S Water St. New Haven, CT

Chocolate Souffle flash fried in a wonton wrapper- over seasonal berries, vanilla gelato, and chocolate cookie crumbs. A cookie man "stands guard" over the dessert in case you don't feel like sharing! 


New London

Lis Bake Shop

15 Holmes St., Mystic

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies-A New England staple paired with the seasonal craze. Fluffy, spice-filled Whoopies with a creamy, sugary filling. All hail fall in Connecticut!

NV Coffee Bakery & Market 

40 Boston Post Rd., Waterford

The Elvis Crepe-Peanut butter, fresh bananas and chocolate sauce and rolled within a warm crepe and drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce (just one of about a dozen crepes they make)

Sift Bake Shop

5 Water St., Mystic

Lemon Olive Oil Cake-This is like no olive oil cake you’ve ever seen. A moist lemon olive oil sponge cake with lemon curd, whipped lemon mousse and enrobed in a crisp white chocolate shell. Decorated to the nines and looking like a piece of art


Dagmar’s Desserts

75 Main St., Old Saybrook

Apple Strudel-Apples, raisins, and spices rolled together and rolled together some more. Dusted with confectioner sugar and sliced, it is perfect with a cup of joe.

Hen and Heifer

23 Water St., Guilford

Lemon Meringue Tart-You like meringue? Well, this tart is literally covered in it. Beautiful swoops of perfectly toasted meringue, completely covering (top and sides) a meringue tart. Let the swooning begin.


Victoria Station

91 Main St., Putnam

Raspberry Mousse Cup-Sort of like Tiramisu but different; Ladyfingers soaked in raspberry liquor with a white chocolate mousse filling. They top this with fresh raspberries, blueberries and a strawberry.and it sits daintily in a white chocolate cup.

UConn Dairy Bar

3636 Horsebarn Hill Rd., Storrs

Husky Tracks- Vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and peanut butter cups scattered throughout. All the ice cream is made on premises at their creamery, which was established in the early 1900s. The cows can be seen at the UConn animal barns. They have yet to receive their diplomas.

Golden Lamb Buttery

499 Wolf Den Rd., Brooklyn

Hummingbird Cake-A Southern favorite at this bucolic Northern farm. Pineapple, bananas, spices and a thick, rich cream cheese frosting (but no nuts in this recipe). Perfect with your morning coffee.


A Cupcake for Later

798 Main St., Willamantic

Chocolate Salted Caramel-A dark chocolate cake full of creamy caramel filling and frosted with a caramel whipped cream cheese frosting. Topped with satiny chocolate ganache and the perfect sprinkle of sea salt.

Leaf & Flour Bakery

45 High St., Willamantic

Spice Cake with Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting-Lots of layers, lots of autumn spices and lots of gooey frosting. 

Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

Mohegan Sun Casino

Baked Alaska-Cool vanilla ice cream enrobed in a flakey brioche which is then swaddled in a light meringue, crisped lightly and topped with candied almonds and sitting in a puddle of sweet caramel sauce. It’s the turducken of desserts.