The Pastry Hideaway Bakery & Cafe Opens in Wilton

Fairfield County Foodie

My heart did a somersault at the first bite of the pain au chocolat. The Pastry Hideaway - Bakery & Cafe  had nailed it.  This breakfast favorite was remarkably flaky, the exterior bearing that unmistakably delicate crunch. Every bite caused teeny-tiny flaky crumbs to scatter all over my hands and napkin.  A lot of butter must have gone into that perfection, but heck,  it's worth it.  With lovely dark chocolate enveloped in its soft and chewy interior… each bite was pure joy. 

The Pastry Hideaway - Bakery & Cafe recently opened their doors in downtown Wilton.  At the helm is Culinary Institute of America grad Pamela Graham.  Her life has taken her to many places around the world.  She moved back to Wilton from Johannesburg with her family a couple of years ago.  Before opening Pastry Hideaway she was most recently working at Bouchon bakery in New York.  


After the pain au chocolate was safely in my belly, I started looking around for other items in the tempting displays. I spotted scones, plain as well as ham and cheese croissants, muffins, cookies, macarons, cupcakes and tempting fresh-baked breads… think French baguettes, ciabatta, sourdough and chai sourdough….  you heard me!   

On my first visit I bought the rooibos tea sourdough bread because it just sounded so enticing and mysterious!  I noticed the strong aroma of the rooibos tea as soon as I started to slice the loaf.  It was interesting how the tea balanced off the sourdough flavor in such a unique way.  If you are a die-hard traditional sourdough fan - you may not warm up to this flavor profile immediately. 


The cinnamon hazelnut swirl is another popular item here. The hazelnut spread with its earthy and nutty flavor balanced the spiciness and sweetness of the cinnamon sugar.  The caramelized sugar also created a crunchy textural element. It was one addictive treat!

The lemon ginger scone is absolutely TO DIE FOR!  It is soft, rich, crumbly with a cake-like texture.  Pamela told me that she cooks the ginger down, to intensify its flavor.  I could totally tell the difference as the ginger and its spiciness came through with the lovely accents of lemon glaze.


The ham and cheese quiche is a wonderful lunch-time choice.  It was well seasoned and intensely flavored because it was packed with lots of ham and cheese… so much so that, I barely tasted the egg.  Although, with so much cheese-action, its interior was not so custardy.  I HAVE to talk about the the crust though which was super flaky and crisp.  Absolutely fantastic!

There were a couple of things that did miss the mark for me: the consistency of the cupcakes which I found to be too dense for my liking… and the ham and cheese croissant which turned out to be a dry bite.  


Just like Pamela, the staff is warm and friendly. They share your excitement about all the treats on display and are eager to share tips on the must-haves of the day.  You will walk in and feel like this place has been around for ever because the folks behind the counter are genuinely happy to see you.

This artisan pastry shop uses organic flour.  They also use local ingredients as much as possible.  There are quite a few gluten free options (breads and cupcakes etc) on this menu.   

Check them out!  Try lots of goodies and tell me what your favorites are.  As for me, I may never walk out of Pastry Hideaway without one or two or more croissants, a few loaves of bread and those dreamy lemon ginger scones.

The Pastry Hideaway - Bakery & Cafe, 126 Old Ridgefield Rd, Wilton, CT 06897

(Tucked behind a set of buildings… so be sure to look for the “Bakery” sign guiding you where to turn)