Peaches on the Waterfront Opening Thursday in Norwalk: Live Music & Lots of Fun

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

After opening the highly successful Mama’s Boy and Jax & Co. in SoNo, Greer Fredericks’ new project, Peaches on the Waterfront, opens this Thursday on Wall Street in Norwalk. The new bar is located directly above Apricot Bar and Grill and will offer a much different vibe than her previous restaurants, plus a large deck that overlooks the water.

Greer told CTbites in an exclusive interview that the idea has been in her back pocket for years and when the opportunity for the “pop-up” was presented, she jumped at the opportunity. She enlisted a few of her favorite employees from Mama’s Boy, started the redesign of the space and developed the opening menu for cocktails and music.

The new interior will feature a “sassy décor” where “hugs are free but you have to pay for drinks." Several items that are found nowhere else in Connecticut will be featured, including drinks named "Some Pig," "Smoke and Sass" and "Backtalkin' Bullfrog." With Metro-North passing immediately alongside the bar, Peaches will serve special $2 “Whistle Shots” whenever the train toots its horn. These special “Cherry Bounce” shots will pay honor to Martha Washington’s special drink for our first president, George. The shot includes sweet and sour cherry soaked brandy, almond extract and demerara. Greer was also quick to mention that one of their featured drinks will be the “Peaches' Painkiller” straight from the Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke in the BVIs. Anyone who has experienced this drink and the Soggy Dollar’s atmosphere will fully appreciate Greer’s vision for Peaches. To further enhance the fun atmosphere, an incredibly unique menu item will be offered…patrons who have the peaches logo tattooed on their bodies drink “free for life” (with a few limitations). This is just a tip of the iceberg on what is in store for guests at Peaches.

Food options will be extremely limited, with hot dogs and nuts the only option at the opening. “I don’t want any knives and forks in Peaches.” With Apricot directly beneath Peaches, some wings and nachos may make their way upstairs.

Peaches will be open from Thursday through Monday with first call at 4PM on Thursdays and Fridays and 1PM on Saturdays and Sundays. The focus on Mondays is “industry night” where people in the food hospitality business can gather and relax amongst their peers, sample some great cocktails and enjoy being a guest versus a chef, host or server.

Peaches is destined to be a go-to spot where great music, drink and fun are in store for everyone who wants to leave the day to day rut behind, roll up your sleeves and trousers and just have a good time.

7 Wall Street

Norwalk, CT

(239) 989-3186