Baked and Sauced: Vintage Food Truck Serving Craft Cocktails & Dessert

April Guilbault

Approaching this gleaming 1968 Airstream, one is met by the two welcoming, smiling souls who commandeer this shining new-fangled-but-vintage food truck. You also can’t help but remember a particular (vintage?) REM song...Shiny Happy People! Or at least, that’s what stuck in my head (and I believe I just showed my age)-how could it not?

Waiting to find just the right Airstream and then taking the better part of a year to refurbish it themselves with ol’ fashioned grit and many a YouTube instructional video, Kathy and Michael McGovern have launched Baked and Sauced, a food truck like none other in our fair state. This once shag-rugged, pleather-filled Airstream has now been lovingly strung with sparkling lights, adorned with sweet flowers in Mason jars that sit upon the serving window, and a charming seating area that serves as a lounge for guests. Picture your ultimate grown-up clubhouse and you get the picture. Add to this charm the fact that this Airstream has...a liquor license. 

Serving saucy desserts and craft cocktails, this truck is serving to the over 21 crowd (and bring I.D., they card)!

Baked and Sauced is actually the first food truck to have a liquor license in Connecticut, although don’t expect it on just any old street...this truck is for private events, but what wonderful events they will be! No worries, too, if your event includes party-goers under 21, there are plenty of non-alcoholic versions of the drinks and desserts so no one will be left out of the summer parties, spring weddings, winter skating parties, or fancy fall tailgates that Baked and Sauced caters in such a fun way.

Michael and Kathy, whose own backyard nuptials led them to the idea of creating events with a unique and memorable atmosphere, were intent to “really make a statement” and they figured that their Airstream was the way to do it. This silver gem spoke to a handmade, Americana-homespun sensibility that “you just don’t find much anymore,” said Michael. Kathy, who is a self-taught baker, keeps developing and upping the game, as she says, with her dessert creations. Love Tequila? Love Bailey’s Irish Cream? Hate nuts? A recipe can be made for you. With a wide smile and a genuine sparkle in her eye, she simply says “baking makes me happy.”

The desserts and cocktails mirror the charm of the Airstream where they are served. Boozy, bold delights such as Irish Car Bomb push pops...with its chocolate Guinness cake, Bailey’s frosting and Jameson ganache or Margarita Cupcakes that smack of salty-sugary summertime fun and have you wishing for a pair of flip-flops and a dip in the pool. Maple Bourbon Cupcakes with Candied Bacon...umm, I really don’t think this one needs description. Just sink your chompers in and bliss out. With plenty of “sauced” and “un-sauced” desserts and drinks, your party can be whatever you want it to be and Michael and Kathy will make it memorable because they “love to help create memories and custom experiences that people can hold onto" as they roll into your venue.

To contact Baked and Sauced, visit its website at: