BunBurgerBun Food Truck - Gluten, Soy & Nut-Free Burgers, Fries & More

Maizy Boosin

Hi, my name is Maizy. I'm 13 years old, love food, and have celiac disease. When I heard about BunBurgerBun, a food truck that specializes in gluten free burgers and fries, I had to go try it out. 

Arriving at the truck in Stamford, I was instantly impressed by the menu because it had all the favorites. I ordered three things while I was there: The sweet and salties, The Jammer burger, and the chicken tenders with a side of fries. 

My absolute favorite thing that I ate was the Jammer: A burger on a gluten free peasant bun with house-made pickles and a bacon relish. I love pickles and those on the BunBurgerBun truck are fantastic. They are made with mustard seeds, onions and have this great classic pickle taste, but with a hint of a spicy undertone. When I took my first bite of the burger, the first flavor was vinegar. This came from the pickles, as well as the amazing bacon relish. The bacon was crispy and I didn't get a single bad piece. The aged cheddar balanced nicely with the acidity of the relish and vinegar. I believe that the surprise element was the chipotle aioli, adding a touch of smokiness and a depth of flavor.  Not only were the flavors spot on, but the size was perfect for an adult, although a bit big for a 13-year-old.

When the idea of the "sweet and salties" was first described to me I was skeptical, but ever since trying them for the first time, I have had the image of a gooey on the inside, crunchy on the outside ball of goodness. The inside of the ball was not pure orange sweet potato, but there were also bits and pieces of sweet potato skin, my personal favorite part. The use of cornflakes to bread the outside of the sweet potato gives the dish a great crunch. Not only does the pink Himalayan sea salt add the salt in "sweet and saltie" but the choice of this particular salt gives the side dish a great flavor.

As I said previously, I'm a kid, and kids like chicken tenders and fries. I have never met an adult who doesn't like this classic dish either. The tender chicken I ate at the BunBurgerBun truck was breaded in cornflakes and made to order, so it was hot out of the fryer. If I said these chicken fingers were delectable it would be an understatement. The crispy outside didn't crumble after it was first bitten, as most do, and the chicken was incredibly juicy. The home cut fries were a perfect size and had the perfect amount of salt. 

Overall, I would definitely go check out the BunBurgerBun truck if I were you. Like now. Right now. It's amazing. You should also follow the truck on Instagram (@BunBurgerBuntruck) and Facebook (@BunBurgerBun) and check out their website to see where they will be located in the future. Not only is the food amazing, but their hilarious tagline makes all the customers laugh. 

Happy GF eating! 

- Maizy Boosin