1st Annual Market Style Street-Food Rave in Stamford via HeyStamford!

CTbites Team

This just in from HeyStamford!

The Taste of Stamford is this ThursdayStamford Downtown Restaurant Weeksbegins next week and this Sunday is the 1st ever street-food Food Rave in Stamford.  Titled "Mercado --A Street-Food Food Rave", the event is scheduled for Sunday, March 1 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Bank Street Events in downtown Stamford.

"Mercado" The 1st Annual Market Style STREET-FOOD RAVE is an up-and-coming concept you see in major cities. Typically described as a large gathering where people eat, sell or share many different types of food, usually held outside or in a large public building with music and cocktails.   In this case, its an awesome opportunity to sample some of the best food in Fairfield County!

Entry is FREE for all attendees and no food-item is more than $5. In addition to having more than 15 food vendors there will be a cash bar for those who want to imbibe and music by a local dj.