Holiday Recipes: Scandinavian Caramelized Potatoes & Mushroom Toast via Community Table

CTbites Team

One of our favorite Litchfield County restaurants, Community Table, has contributed these deceptively simple but absolutely delicious appetizers for the upcoming holidays. Chef Marcell Davidsen's recipes for Scandinavian Caramelized PotatoesMushroom toast will delight even the most discerning guest. You may want to add this one to your virtual recipe box. 

Scandinavian Caramelized Potatoes 

1 kg potatoes (the size of an egg yolk)
6 tbsp sugar
1 dl water

 25 g butter

Boil the potatoes tender and rinse under cold water. 

Peel them with a small knife  (you can do this the day before)

Melt the sugar in a heavy bottom bottom till its becomes a light caramel and there is no lumps.

Be careful that the caramel don't burn, if it does you must start over. 

Add the water and let the caramel dissolve 
Add the potatoes and let them simmer, until the have a nice thick coating of the caramel

Add the butter and let it simmer for 3 minutes.

Mushroom toast 

1 slice good bread
Handful of delicious mushroom 
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp sherry vinegar
1/4 tsp Worcester sauce 
Pinch of fresh thyme
Salt and fresh ground black pepper 
Chive blossoms or onion flowers 

Get a pan really really hot. 
Add a little oil (grape seed oil or sunflower) 
A tiny bit of butter and mushrooms. 
Cook the mushrooms on full heat till they get a little color. Add a tiny more butter, once you see color on the mushrooms season with salt and pepper. Now add the cream and Worcester sauce, and let it all reduce until the cream is coating the mushrooms. Now add the vinegar and more salt and pepper to taste, and finish with a little fresh picked thyme. 

Pour the mixture on the a piece of grilled bread and garnish with chive blossom or onion flower.