Spud Stud Food Truck: Enormous Potatoes and Toppings

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

As the food truck craze expands throughout Fairfield County, new menus are continually being presented offering the customer even more choices. Over the last ten years we have witnessed the options expand to include Mexican, burgers, pizza, lobster rolls, crepes, grilled cheese and porchetta sandwiches. Another inventive variation is offered by Spud Stud, the brightly colored truck adorned with a smirking potato with its arm around the shoulder of a bikini-clad vixen.

The Spud Stud truck is one of three that are parked outside my office building each Wednesday, and it draws its loyal weekly devotees, plus many new and curious customers. Presented by husband and wife team Craig and Krista McCarthy, Spud Stud offers a variety of options, but their marquee product is the “Loaded Baked Potato” and enormous, split baked potato stuffed with one on fourteen toppings ranging from traditional toppings to eclectic combinations.

On my first visit I stared at the menu that contained a simplistic “Sour Cream & Chives,” “Bacon & Cheese,” more enticing “Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese,” and “Breakfast Spud,” all the way to the “Thanksgiving” or “Sheperd’s (sic) Pie.” I ordered the “Pulled Pork Spud” that included BBQ pork, coleslaw and pickles. The size of the potato was reminiscent of a NY Steak House, a.k.a. enormous. The pork was soft, moist and mixed with a sweet tomato based sauce, which also delivered just a touch of tang. The coleslaw added a little creaminess and the pickles some crunch. This was a pretty good pulled pork and you also have the option of ordering it as a sandwich.

On a subsequent visit I ordered a bacon-cheeseburger. This included a large griddled patty that was prepared a la Smashburger with a super-crispy exterior and a well-done interior. Craig was very generous with the freshly ground pepper and the burger was then topped with the cheese and bacon. The combination was good, full of the bold pepper and lots of bacon.

I look forward to returning to Spud Stud for a few more stuffed potatoes and maybe a sandwich or two.

The Spud Stud

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