Rare Artisan Venezuelan Chocolate Tasting Workshop Feb 14th

CTbites Team

A very special Artisan Venezuelan Chocolate Tasting Workshop may be the perfect Valentine's gift for your loved one. Presented by Analiese Paik, Founder of the Fairfield Green Food Guide,this will be the first in a series of artisan chocolate tasting workshops planned for the year. They begin the tasting series in Venezuela, a country famous for growing old and rare cacao that’s prized by top chocolate manufacturers. The most flavorful and aromatic chocolate is made from Criollo and Trinitario varieties which represent only 5%-10% of global cacao production.

In this formal tasting workshop, you will learn to taste chocolate like a pro, using all 5 senses. More complex than wine, fine chocolate requires careful sensory analysis to detect and describe its harmonious flavors and aromas. They will teach you how to describe the flavors and aromas you detect through the use of various teaching aids.

At the end of the evening, each participant will have completed a tasting card profiling all 5 chocolates. It’s a great way to learn what you like and remember your favorites.

Join us for this very special tasting during which we will share the fascinating history of chocolate and renaissance in fine cacao production.


February 14, 2014

6:15-7:30 pm

$35 per person, maximum 20 guests

Venue: Olivette, 1084 Post Road, Darien

RSVP: Reserve your seat by phone at 203.621.0643 by Feb. 10

Credit card reservations are non-refundable.

Venezuelan Chocolate Tasting Menu

Pralus Venezuela Trinitario, 75% cacao

Pralus Chuao, 75%  cacao

Bonnat Chuao, 75% cacao

Bonnat Puerto Cabello, 75% cacao

Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario, 75%  cacao

François Pralus is a French Master Chocolatier who works only with the finest cacao beans in the world to produce exceptional chocolate. Pralus’ signature style is a dark roast which creates a unique taste profile.

Bonnat is the oldest artisan, bean to bar chocolate company in the world. They pioneered single origin and single-estate bars and are dedicated to producing chocolate with the purest expression of terroir.