Game Dinner @ Bar Sugo in Norwalk: Rabbit, Quail, Deer, Boar + More

CTbites Team

View Complete Game Dinner Menu Below:

Pomegranate Glazed Quail- carrot puree, baby carrots, pumpkin seeds, lime crema 
Chicken Fried Rabbit- blue cheese, pickled celery, smoked Salt
Homemade Cavatelli- duck ragu, olives, arugula, black pepper, fig compote
Wild Boar Meatballs- bacon jam, ricotta, pickled pink peppercorns
Pheasant alla Milanese- patti’s lettuce, marinated red onion, oven roasted tomatoes, 
black truffle, shaved pecorino crotonese
Roasted Venison Loin- broccoli rabe, chorizo, heirloom potatoes, fiore di latte, burnt 
honey, toasted farro
Dinner is $65 and includes beer and wine. Call for reservations: (203) 956-7134

Bar Sugo is located at 102 Wall St, Norwalk, CT 06850