Maddy’s Food Truck – A Caribbean Escape in Stamford

Eliza Schlesinger

We’ve all been there, you’re at work, it’s a long, hard morning and your eyes glaze over as you start to dream of an island vacation. While a quick tropical getaway may be a little out of reach for a working girl in her 20’s, there is a more realistic option that can be squeezed into the lunch break, Maddy’s Food Truck.

Several months ago, Maddy’s Food Truck hit the mobile meal scene as one of the first in the area and now spends lunch-time parked on Stamford streets and nights outside the Beer Garden. Offering a combination of American treats and family-inspired Haitian recipes, the menu offers a variety of dishes to appeal to the masses. My first taste was the bacon and avocado grilled cheese served with marinated tomatoes; I guess my reputation regarding my love for grilled cheese preceded me. The bacon was crisp, the avocado fresh and the marinated tomatoes added a nice flavor. Although I was pleased with having another delicious grilled cheese option, I was eager to show my palate something new.

Since vacations are usually a nice break from life and healthy eating, salads are not typically at the top of my dietary list while away. In any event, I decided to give the Southern Chicken Salad a try with cayenne buttermilk dressing and plantain chips. The chicken was battered and well fried but could have used a bit more seasoning, and the plantains were a little bland for my personal liking. However, the dressing had a nice and necessary kick to it, which served as a good balance to the chicken and plantains.

Looking for another change of pace, I tried the Tassot Boeuf with a tad of spicy pickled cabbage. I was told this was one of their most popular dishes, but it was a disappointment. The crispy beef was very over-cooked and more chewy than crispy. Again the side of slaw was the highlight, good, bright and spicy flavors.

I needed to head back to the office with a little pleasure under my belt so I asked the chef what he believed was the fan favorite, and was soon served the Crispy Conch with French fries and spicy tartar sauce. The Conch was battered and fried to create a nice light texture, yet quite mild and under-seasoned. However, after a good dipping in the spicy tartar sauce we were back in business as I finally found the spiciness I was looking for.

Regrettably, it was time to leave the Island and get back to reality. While I still needed some more sun to get that island glowing tan and I missed those drinks with the tiny umbrellas, I managed to escape to a mini-tropical getaway. Next time I decide to take another Caribbean vacation I know where I can find Maddy’s Food Truck, either around Stamford during lunch or down at the Beer Garden a couple nights a week. 

Maddy’s Food Truck 

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