Saving A Sustainable Shack: King's Kitchen in Southport

April Guilbault

By April Guilbault for Fairfield Green Food Guide

Last summer, the three King brothers-Hunter, Carter and Parker- pooled their resources, efforts and creativity and opened King’s Kitchen at Southport Beach (1505 Pequot Avenue, Fairfield). The response to their farm-to-table beach shack was overwhelmingly positive and a new kind of beach dining hit our shores, happily gathering the communities of Westport, Southport and Fairfield.

Under multicolored umbrellas, diners sat at pastel beach chairs, tiki torches flickering in the sea air, to enjoy organic and sustainable offerings that put the plain hot-dog-hamburger-fries beach fare to shame. 

This Winter, the shack was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, but has been denied help from the Town of Fairfield and FEMA. King's Kitchen is now reaching out to the community to gain the funding it needs to keep making the food we love. You can read the full article at Fairfield Green Food Guide, and find out how you can help King's Kitchen get back on their beach.