SoNo Baking Company & Café Opens in Southport

Jessica Ryan
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Welcome to the neighborhood SoNo Baking Company. We’re awfully glad you’re here! (Though my waistline may beg to differ.) 

SoNo Baking Company & Café officially opened its doors on Pequot Avenue in Southport today. Behind the glass display cases a beautiful array of cookies, tarts, pastries, cakes, and croissants all neatly arranged all ready to be purchased. Trays filled with delectable treats, fresh out of oven, were stacked and cooling. Brand new coffee and espresso machines glistened along the back wall.

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For weeks I’ve been driven past waiting for this moment. Without pomp or circumstance my new neighborhood bakery and café opened its doors welcoming me and everyone else who strolled on past. My quiet little hamlet is quickly becoming a foodie hub. We now have the one thing that was missing – a place to satisfy my sweet tooth and get my caffeine fix. Commuters rejoice, a great cuppa coffee now awaits your morning commute!

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In the next couple of weeks, like its sister locations, Southport will offer breakfast and lunch items. 

After popping in to take a few photos, I stood in front of one of the displays deliberating as to what to bring home to my kids. I opted for two croissant-like pastries filled with chocolate and a layer of vanilla cream. I’m now anxiously awaiting my boys’ arrival from school, not so much because I want to surprise them, but because it’s taking every bit of willpower I can muster to keep myself from biting into one… 


For those of you not familiar, the baking company started by John Barricelli offers the authenticity of an artisanal bakery combining it with the comfort of a neighborhood café creating a sophisticated space offering exceptional baked goods. SoNo Baking Company is a strong supporter and fixture on the local Famers' Market scene and their bread and pastries can also be enjoyed at Fairfield County’s finest restaurants and markets. For more please visit their website, .

Visit SoNo Bakery at the following locations:

101 Water Street, Norwalk, CT   203-847-7666

49 Tokeneke Road, Darien, CT  203-309-5402

353 Pequot Avenue, Southport, CT 203- 955-1200