Recap of Westport Playhouse Kick-Off Block Party

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

The “2013 Season Kick-off Block Party” at the Westport Country Playhouse was a fun time for all. With three outstanding trucks dispensing delicious food, plus beer supplied by Beaver Beer and ice cream from Shake Shack, it was an enjoyable afternoon.

The crepes from Christophe’s Creperie were fantastic. Both savory and sweet crepes were offered with fillings including ham, brie, turkey, banana, Nutella, honey…there were plenty of choices. Mine included brie, ham and apple. The crepe was as good as you will ever taste. And then the creaminess and slight pungency of the brie, the sweet and crunchy apples and the saltiness of the ham all hit the palate simultaneously. It was just a delight. And I was not alone, as I stood in line at other trucks everyone was raving about the crepes.

Skinny Pines offered several combinations. Let’s start with the crust…one of the best crusts in the area, outstanding. The toppings included Dressing Room meatloaf, caramelized onions, chorizo, spinach, red onion, olives, and basil. Most of the ingredients were bold in flavor and the trick was melding them together without one overpowering the others. The combination I sampled included crushed California tomatoes, which were very sweet, as were the caramelized onions, while the meatloaf was too mild and was lost amongst these other toppings. I think a pure vegetable pie or a simple meatloaf pie was the way to go.

Lobstercraft featured four different combinations. Begin with the basic “Coastal” with buttered lobster on a toasted bun or add toppings for a LBLT (with bacon, lettuce & tomato) or add some avocado, wasabi soy sauce or a little spicy butter. I opted for the Coastal. The lobster claw meat was delicious and moist with a good buttery flavor.  The dish included some truck-made (first time using that description) spicy coleslaw, which added little heat and it was a great side for the roll.

Shake Shack offered free samples of Salted Caramel Vanilla plus Chocolate ice cream and a couple of scoops were great ways to end the afternoon.

It was enjoyable standing and chatting with others at each truck, and eat some really cool truck food. I look forward to next year’s event. Hopefully more vendors will join and people can sample some of the other delicious truck food of Fairfield County.