Tommy Juliano of Community Table: The Master of Dessert via Connecticut Magazine

Laurie Gabaordi

Tommy Juliano is an artist, a magician, a benevolent puppet master with other people’s taste buds—and the man who, if you let him, will shake your faith in the sanctity of dessert menus at your favorite restaurants, even those that rank among the best in Connecticut and beyond.

Strictly speaking, he’s the “new” pastry chef at Community table (Ct) in the Litchfield County town of Washington, where he and Executive Chef Joel Viehland comprise a culinary high-wire act that delivers cuisine rigorously rooted to local ingredients of the highest integrity and inspired in part by the best—and least gimmicky—practices of what’s known as molecular gastronomy; the combination of the cooking arts with scientific techniques. 

They travel in a select coterie of like-minded and similarly talented chefs in Connecticut—Jeffrey Lizotte of ON20 in Hartford and Tyler Anderson of Millwright's in Simsbury are two members—and together these folks guide restaurants that are distinctly different than other “acclaimed” places, and palpably better for those hungry for cuisine that balances deliciously on that high wire at the very edge of the culinary envelope … and never falls.

What does that mean?...

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