Catch a Healthy Habit @ The Westport Farmers' Mkt August 2

CTbites Team

This Thursday, August 2nd, Lisa Storch and Glen Colello, chef/owners of Catch a Healthy Habit in Fairfield, will be keeping it light at The Westport Farmers’ Market.

With a spin on a BBQ essential, Chef Storch will be demoing a not so traditional “potato” salad at 11am and 1 pm.  Substituting zucchini for the potatoes, this salad includes onions, parsley, and possibly celery.  Catch a Healthy Habit plans on sourcing all ingredients from Sport Hill Farm of Easton, CT or Fort Hill Farm of Thompson, CT ensuring a fresh, nutritious snack for shoppers.

Catch a Healthy Habit opened in 2009 and has been offering foodies a variety of organic, raw, vegan, and gluten free preparations since.  As we continue to eat more and more processed food, Catch a Healthy Habit keeps it simple and is an excellent example of how important and beneficial eating healthy can be! In addition to their incredibly nourishing menu, Catch a Healthy Habit believes in giving back to the community and doing what they can to educate the public.  Providing documentary screenings, guest lectures, raw food prep classes and an assortment of other events, it’s safe to say they are doing an outstanding job. 

Catch a Healthy Habit is part of an amazing event coming up, August 8th, a celebration of Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) food offered in CT featuring speaker Jeffrey Smith, a pioneer in educating the public on GMO’s.  Jeffrey Smith has written a bestselling book, advised leaders from around the world, lectured in 30 countries, and appeared on TV programs such as BBC, NPR, FOX News and the Dr. Oz Show. Even if you’re a carb loving, meat eating, dessert fanatic like myself, this is an educational experience worth taking advantage of. Take a trip down to the Market this Thursday for some unique “potato” salad and more information on how to catch YOUR healthy habit and kick a bad one to the curb.