Macdaddy’s Macaroni and Cheese Bar in Monroe

Carly Monson


And now a word from our 10 years old food critic....

Hey kids, guess what? Want to win a free Mac Daddy’s T-ShirtMac Daddy’s will give the first 10 kids to correctly guess the amount of macaroni boxes used to fill the pan on the wall (described below) a free t-shirt Contest ends on November 20th. Mention CTbites to enter. 

What do you think of when you think of macaroni and cheese? A small box of Kraft mac and cheese? Well… now I think of Macdaddy’s Macaroni and Cheese Bar, an amazing macaroni and cheese restaurant with at least 20 different kinds of macaroni. I had thought that Macdaddy’s was going to be bigger than it was (they can seat about 25 people) but that didn’t mean it wasn’t good. Macdaddy’s is a quick service restaurant (which means that you order at a counter and they bring the food to your table). 

I thought that the decor would be yellow because that’s the color of macaroni, instead it was orange. One of the first things that you will see when you walk in is a giant pan on the wall filled with macaroni.  When you walk up to the counter the waiter, waitress or manager will greet you by telling you the cooking process of their macaroni. Also, if they see children with you they will tell you what the kids usually like to order.

My family had a tough time deciding because the menu is huge. In the end we ordered Mac French Onion, Mac Alla Vodka, Mac Pizza, Mac U.S.A. and Mac Alla Ajillo. Our food got to the table about 7 minutes after we ordered we waited a second for our dinner to cool down.   We knew it was hot because we could see the cheese boiling.

When I finally tasted my Mac French Onion I thought, magnificent! The Mac French Onion had Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and bacon. Unfortunately, they forgot to put the bacon on mine but it was fixed in a flash. When I got my mac and cheese back, it tasted even more amazing. I thought it kind of tasted like French onion soup except with crunchy bacon.

After I ate a little more of my dish I tried my Dads Mac Alla Vodka. The Mac Alla Vodka was filled with a light tomato cream, proscuitto, parmesan and tomato infused vodka. (By the way, when alcohol is cooked it evaporates so there is no actual vodka in the macaroni)  I thought it tasted saucy and meaty. It was fabulous.

Next I tried my brothers Mac Pizza. When it came to the table it looked kind of like pizza because there was pepperoni slices laid on top of the pasta. When I took a bite of the Macaroni it tasted like pizza with pasta on top. 

The next scrumptious dish I tried was the Mac U.S.A. The Mac U.S.A. is Mac Daddy’s traditional mac and cheese with cheddar. It tasted delicious much better than mac and cheese off of most kids menus or from a box. It was cheesy and warm. It was just plain old amazing.

 Last but not least I tried my moms Mac Alla Ajillo. Her dish was prepared with shrimp, garlic, dry sherry, and Asiago cheese. It was very good. The cheese was stringy, the shrimp was fresh and the pasta had a semi rough texture. I could even taste the shrimp on a bite of macoroni with no shrimp in it. Her mac and cheese was mmmmmmmmm delicious.

So if you love mac and cheese or just want to have a fun night with your family Mac Daddy’s is the perfect place to go to. 

I give Mac Daddy’s 5 pickles!!!

Macdaddy's Macaroni and Cheese Bar 650 Main St, MonroeCT. 203.880.5400

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