The Filling Station Co. August Burger & Shake

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

The August 2011 Filling Station Special Burger and Shake combine another full flavored hamburger with a sweet flavorful tribute to another of my favorite fruits with the “Steak Burger” matched with a sweet Cherry Shake. 

The Steak Burger includes the Filling Station’s farm-raised hamburger topped with the newly introduced secret-recipe steak sauce, raw onions and tomatoes. Similar to last month’s BBQ Special, this month’s special delivers bold flavors to complement the mild organic beef. The FS steak sauce was developed over many months of experimentation to deliver a flavor profile that pays tribute to the Peter Luger Sauce’s vinegary-tomato based variety. The addition of raw onions and tomatoes contribute a crunchy texture plus flavors that nicely complement the meat. Overall, I enjoyed the bold flavors of this month’s special hamburger.

The Cherry Shake begins with cherry syrup that is mixed into the Filling Station Vanilla shake. This month’s shake delivers a much sweeter flavor that last month’s Peaches and Cream. In addition to the sweet cherry flavor, this month’s shake includes chopped cherry bits that can be enjoyed in the last few bites with a spoon. The cherry season is in full swing and this month’s sweet shake complements the vinegary-tomato flavors of the special hamburger.

Filling Station’s August Special Burger and Shake delivers a bold steakburger tradition of tomato and onion toppings plus a sweet in-season cherry shake. Stay tuned for next month’s quick-view of the Filling Station Burger and Shake of the Month that will change the pattern with a totally different flavor concept.