Tasting & Preview: "El Bulli: Cooking in Progress" @ Avon

Stephanie Webster


On Wednesday, July 13 at - 7:30 p.m. The Avon Theatre presents DOCUMENTARY NIGHT: A special SNEAK PREVIEW of "El Bulli: Cooking In Progress," co-promoted by Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar.

There will be a post-film Q&A with Adam Halberg,, Culinary Director of the Barcelona Restaurant Group. Plus....Enjoy a FREE Spanish tapas tasting after the screening courtesy of Barcelona!

ABOUT THE FILM: El Bulli has been called the best restaurant in the world and Ferran Adrià, its creator, deemed a brilliant innovator, the father of molecular gastronomy, or sometimes just a crazy chef. The restaurant, located outside of Barcelona, closes each year for 6 months, as Adrià and staff sequester themselves to concentrate on creating the new culinary wonders that will become their next 30-course menu. (The restaurant accommodates only 50 for dinner, despite two million annual requests for reservations.) This is cooking as avant-garde art: a cocktail composed of hazelnut oil, salt, and water or a dessert of freeze-dried peppermint and ice shavings. Surrounded by bizarre hi-tech equipment, elaborate containers, chopping blocks and knives, they experiment with making mushroom juice and sweet potato meringue. Gereon Wetzel's elegant, observational documentary captures the razor-sharp, science-fiction sensibility at work. Adrià exclaims: "The more bewilderment, the better."

For tickets, call our administrative office at 203.661.0321, or during showtimes at 203.967.3660, ext 2.

Carte Blanche: FREE | Members: $10 | Nonmembers: $15