Foodies: A New Online Web Show

Amy Kundrat

The first episode of Foodies, a new web series following the adventures of a group of L.A. culinary enthusiasts, launches online today. The series pokes fun at the passion, often mistaken as snobbery, rife among foodies. New episodes air online each Wednesday with a run-time of about 5 to 10 minutes, the perfect length for any amuse-bouche. 

Creator Japhy Grant tells HuffPost Food:

"I was actually in a dinner club with some very sort of wannabee society people (I was dating one of the members) and somewhere between preparing the gazpacho sorbet and the conch shell fritters, I realized this rarefied world was ripe for comedy." He noted, "Sure people can be snobby about food, but oftentimes it's a mask for deep passion."