Coffee Cupping (Tasting) @ espressoNEAT in Darien

Stephanie Webster


Have you ever wondered why coffee houses bother with options at the brew bar? Do you think you could tell the difference between a $3 cup and a $6 cup if you tasted them side by side? Yes, much like wine, coffee has different varietals, single origin beans, as well as organic options. EspressoNEAT would like to invite you into their coffee obsessed world for an afternoon of sniffing, sipping, slurping, and spitting. (Nobody can handle all that caffeine at once.) They will be using a few handy tools to help keep track of what you're drinking and your discerning palate will never approach a cup of coffee in quite the same way. 

What:  1 hour cupping tutorial and coffee tasting

Where: espressoNEAT 20 Grove Street, Darien

When: DATE CHANGE!!! Saturday April 2nd @ 1PM 

Price: $10 

RSVP: (10 person limit)