The Dinners at the Farm 2011 Schedule is Up!

Stephanie Webster

Dinners at the Farm is back! For those of you who have yet to attend this wonderful culinary event, check out our write-up from 2009 or view our photo gallery from 2010. Order yourself some tickets for the upcoming season now! This is truly one of CT's most unique dining experiences.  

For those of you new to the "farm dinner" concept, Dinners at the Farm is a series of benefit dinners that recreate a sense of connection to farming, cooking and eating. Plus you get to reconnect under the stars in a beautiful candlelit tent while eating a spectacular multi course meal. 

If you purchase tickets before May 1st, you will receive a special pre-season rate on their Thursday and Sunday night dinners. These nights are $100 per person vs. the normal rate of $150. It's a great gift!

We'll be there on July 9th. Support your local farming community and join us.

Order tickets on the Dinners at the Farm web site.