Beach Burger in Norwalk: Where'd the Chairs Go?

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

The hamburger scene in East Norwalk is experiencing a minor food fight. A few weeks ago Anthony Luciani, owner of Beach Burger was informed that his operating permit did not allow for interior seating. Once informed, Luciani immediately removed the stools and commenced the process of applying for the permit that would allow seated dining within the restaurant.

I visited Beach Burger and discussed the situation and the status with Luciani. He informed me that he is conscientiously working with the appropriate departments within Norwalk to obtain the “Full Service” restaurant permit that will allow the interior seating to return. While the permitting is being resolved, Luciani assured me that Beach Burger remains open for business serving some of the best hamburgers and shakes in the area. 

Luciani also mentioned that another issue that he is addressing in his application for a Full Service permit is the requirement of access to two off-street parking spaces. He informed me that Beach Burger was in possession of two off-street spaces and we braved the pouring rain to visit the parking lot behind the building and he pointed to his two parking spots. Luciani is now working to assure that each department within Norwalk is satisfied that he is in compliance with each of the Full Service permit’s requirements. Luciani hopes that his application is approved for the Full Service permit in the near future. 

For the play-by-play on this story, read more on the Norwalk Patch. 

[Photograph courtesy of Ann Quasarano, Norwalk Patch]