CT Bloggers Roundup @ Miya's Sushi

Amy Kundrat

Photo: Nick Caito, www.nickcaito.com Great food, an energetic chef and like minds. These were the makings of a perfect evening out for about fifteen local food bloggers and friends on a recent Wednesday night at Miya's Sushi in New Haven.

I consider one of the best parts of my "job" as a contributor to CTbites to be getting acquainted with fellow food writers, many of whom I know virtually by their online epicurean diatribes. Over the past year I have even met several over comfortable meals where I don't have to be self-conscious about photographing my food and I know I won't get a fork in my hand if I eat off his/her plate without asking. 

With help and inspiration from fellow blogger Leeanne Griffin, I looked forward to a planned gathering of foodies and writers that would promise the flurry of cameras, endless plate positioning, many drinks and yes, the joy of community plates that I have come to know and love. Our setting? Miya's Sushi in New Haven, one of a few sustainable sushi restaurants in the country, with its endless and creative menu led by the personable and socially progressive Bun Lai

Our guests? An esteemed assortment of food bloggers, photographers and chefs including...my cohort Leeanne behind both A La Carte and Fun with Carbs; Emily from A Change of Eatery; editor and blogger Kira of Ridgefield Patch; Doug, the appetite behind Hungry Travels; the always witty Suburban Camper; photographer and gourmand Nick Caito; Rob Troilo, chef and owner of Nicholas Robert Gourmet Bistro; Matt Scott, news channel 8's meteorologist; and yours truly, the endlessly hungry and restless motoamy, and voice behind all things tacos and gin on CTbites.

Photo: Nick Caito, www.nickcaito.comWhat didn't we eat? Our 10-course (and then some) dinner included a number of sakes, dishes, rolls, sake bombs, more sake bombs, and dessert which I can mention thanks to Doug's careful notes.

The sakes we tasted included emerald witches' lips, the spicy Chinese firecracker (a must for anyone who enjoys a little heat) and Cherokee sumac love potion, a potion indeed. 

Our dishes came out in waves, in no particular order: sweet potato miso soup; crispy fried shredded potato with curry sauce; deep fried spinach; edibaba, a shrimp in potato skin with a dill sauce; Lasater beef (seared NY strip) with ginger, garlic and Sauvignon Blanc sauce (this knocked many socks off); Tilapia with 9 spices; Tilapia with 12 spices (because why stop at 9?...); Kimchi-seared artic char; and Kimchi-seared yellowfin tuna.

Photo: Nick Caito, www.nickcaito.comOur meal was peppered with an array of creative rolls that would give any sushi purist a myocardial infarction including: roasted broccoli and black bean with rice, quinoa and oats; sweet potato, brown rice and mango chutney; something really delicious with snails (yes, my official description) organic soy chicken with asparagus and brie dill sauce; lobster, asparagus and apricot; and Escolar and bonito (2 Fish Cha Cha).

We ended this endless dinner on a tempura fried note with an outstanding sweet roll of chocolate, strawberries, peanut butter and banana topped with roasted nettle ice cream

It's what heaven must be like if you believe in that sort of thing. These Wednesday evening dinners at Miya's are an event, so plan ahead and train for distance because you are going to be bombarded with unexpected combinations and psychedelic flavors, with an eye toward sustainability. If Al Gore and Timothy Leary had a love child, it would be Miya's Sushi. 

If you are a CT food blogger and would like to get involved in one of our evenings of information & food sharing, Contact Us and we'll get you on the list!