Top This: Frozen Yogurt By The Ounce

Stephanie Webster

Haven't you always wanted to be in charge of your frozen yogurt destiny? Do you find yourself squirming as the kid behind the counter puts too much fruit and not enough fudge on your medium vanilla? Oh, to be the person in front of the pump deciding the fate and exact ratio of each delicious frosty flavor.

When it comes to food, I like to be in control. It is this sentiment that has me singing the praises of "Top This," Westport's new pay by the ounce, frozen yogurt mecca. 

Located (fittingly) in the old Ben & Jerry's spot on The Post Road, Top This offers self serve frozen yogurt (mostly non-fat) in flavors like Snickerdoodle, Alpine Vanilla, Peach Mango, Cheesecake, and the ever popular "Tart yogurt."  Grab a cup, pull a lever, and select your fancy…a veritable yogurt buffet. When you are done with the yogurt selection you can move on to their extensive "Top This" (get it?) toppings bar which has both child and adult pleasing options: fruit, marshmallows, chocolate chips, granola and cereal bits…something for everyone, or in my case, multiple items, just for me. 

Long time Westport resident and owner, Louise Costantini, was inspired by the pay by weight yogurt bars she found out in CA. She had "been searching everywhere for a frozen yogurt place" in Fairfield County, and finally decided to use her retail and business experience to open up shop. Thank you Louise!

At $.59 an ounce, Top This is very cost effective, especially if you have kids. I walked out with my posse of three youngsters for a mere $11, after having helping ourselves to substantial quantities of yogurt and several (lightweight) toppings. Not bad. 

I should note that for those of you who are obsessed with "tart," this is a sweeter version than Robeks, and may not satisfy your specific craving. However, if you're looking for great quality frozen yogurt with delicious flavors and good prices, go sample the fare at this new Westport hangout.

Top This 14 Post Road East, Westport

Open 9-10pm daily and even later on the weekends.

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