Gluten-Free in CT

Stephanie Webster

Photo: Courtesy of Fairfield County WeeklyIf you or your child has a Gluten allergy, you know how difficult it can be to eat out in FC...or anywhere for that matter. Countless readers have requested gluten-free resources that don't taste like cardboard, and we are out there looking. In the meantime, Fairfield County Weekly has done an outstanding job of compiling a list of places serving "gluten-free grub around the state." I couldn't have done it better myself. 

Check out the gluten-free restaurant guide from Fairfield County Weekly.

Gluten-free news flash! Sugar & Olives in Norwalk is now serving gluten-free breakfast bars and cookies. 

We also recently found a great gluten-free baker in Bridgeport, SWEET, who will do custom cakes in addition to selling her goods at places like Amore Bakery in Fairfield, and Port Coffeehouse in Bridgeport

If you are looking for heartier fare. you can always find great food for restricted diets at Catch A Healthy Habit in Fairfield, Organic Market in Westport, The Stand in Norwalk, Health In A Hurry in Southport, and the new Green Gourmet To Go in Bridgeport.

If you know of a gluten-free restaurant that we have missed, post a comment below.