MATCH'S Luscious Whipped Potatoes

Matt Storch

I know everyone has their favorite mashed potato method. Some like it lumpy, some like it smooth, some like it baked in the oven so the top gets nice and crispy. This is a method of making super rich and creamy mashed potatoes using a ricer or food mill (cheap device you can find in any food store). I like the food mill better.  

Note: Potatoes have a ton of starch, so if you do not want ‘gummy’ mashed potatoes, do not over cook them, and do not use a mixer or any other electric device to mix the potatoes. The idea is not to over work the potatoes.

MATCH's Luscious Whipped Potatoes

1. In a large enough pot take one peeled Idaho potato for person, (in my family it is 2 potatoes) and cover with COLD water.

2. Cook the potatoes over medium heat for about 45 minutes.

3. While the potatoes are cooking take about 1/8 cup of heavy cream and a Tbsp of butter per potato and heat slowly in a saucepot (low heat)

4. When the potatoes are (Just) done, strain in a colander.

5. Using the food mill or ricer push one potato at a time through the machine into a bowl or pot.  This should end up looking like a bowl fool of potato strings.

6. Add about ¾ of the cream and butter mixture to the potatoes and with a plastic spatula slowly fold it into the potatoes.  Check the consistency, if you like really creamy potatoes add more.

7. And last but not least potatoes like salt.  Add kosher salt and pepper until you taste potato (not salt!).

8. Keep the potatoes warm, if they get cold they will become gummy and all of that hard work will be lost to the starch!