Gingerbread Contest: Part 2

Stephanie Webster

Gingerbread House Day 3: After a fitful night full of dreams involving houses crashing down with disastrous effect, we gathered to set the foundations and raise the walls for our edible CTbites farm stand. For those late to the game, this exercise in amateur baking is all part of a plan to raise money for The Stamford Museum's "Visions of Gingerbread" Exhibit" where professional bakers will show and then auction off gingerbread houses far more spectacular than ours.  

And now, back to our story…Armed with a fresh batch of royal icing and a whole lot of drying time, our three walled structure was solidly stuck to the "ground" (fondant covered plywood). We were well on our way to phase two of our little stand decor. Tiny versions of local produce coming up. The roof would wait till later. Nothing like a healthy dose of procrastination.

Here is where we landed after Day 3, and let me tell you, those tablecloths took a few years off of my life. Again…"What was I thinking?"

Late breaking news: In a heroic act of philanthropy and just pure guts, Joanna Wallis of has jumped in the contest with ONLY 48 hours to build,  replacing a baker who was forced to drop out! Thank you Fairy Cook. We owe you a debt of gratitude. Only a fairy could accomplish this herculean task.  We wish you luck.