Great Programs for Kids & Adults @ Ambler Farm

Stephanie Webster

Don't miss these spooky, educational, & tasty activities @ Ambler Farm. 

Fright Night: Friday, October 29 & Saturday, October 30 

Drop off the kids (grades 3-5) for haunted activities and frightful (and not so frightful) storytelling. Those who were present last year are still talking about the ghost dog who frequents the Farm! Creepy sights and mysterious sounds abound when the moon rises at Ambler Farm. Refreshments included. Enrollment limited. 

Haunted Halloween Ride, Guessing jar to win the Farm's largest pumpkin, Games, if you dare play... 

Launch the Trebuchet: Sunday, November 14 

If you've been to Ambler Farm Day, you've probably fired the apple slingshots, taken a hay-ride or two, and witnessed pumpkins flying through the air. If the pumpkin-launching trebuchet has intrigued you, now's your chance to get a closer look at this medieval-inspired machine. 

Learn about the early types of siege weapons, and why the trebuchet came out on top. Bring your own projectiles for Kevin Meehan and Mike Cuddy to launch, and inspect the target zone and the fallout!  

Participants may bring biodegradable or recyclable items for launching: pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, watermelons, large gourds, bag of potatoes? We've even launched a gallon size water jug. Creativity is welcome, but items should weigh between 5-15 lbs.  Objects around 10 pounds in weight work best. Use your imagination! (Biodegradable items only)  Bring targets! 

Seasonal Cooking Series-Thanksgiving Sides: Tuesday, November 16 

It's all about sides with Maria Pelizzari from Fork, Knife, Spoon Cooking.

Learn how to make: Herbed sausage bread stuffing, Mashed Potatoes with Leeks, Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts, & Mashed Turnips with Crispy Shallots 

Art of the Wreath Celebration Friday: December 3