The Robeks Tart-gasm

Sarah Green

Photo: Stephanie WebsterFairfield County women have a little secret… and it isn’t sweet. Don’t tell, but hordes of us find time in our day to sneak into Robeks to experience our daily rapture. Simply, it’s Tart - paradise in a Styrofoam bowl. Plain, unadulterated ecstasy, this frozen treat at only 112 calories for a small (157 for a medium) is hardly sinful. It is delicious on its own, but can be smothered in coconut, dappled with raspberry, sprinkled with chocolate chips, textured with granola... the choices are endless. But the slightly sour, wonderfully light, frozen indulgence is best on its wicked own. There are others out there - Red Mango and Pinkberry in NYC, but I find both too creamy and too sweet. Tart is the one and only. Yes, I confess, I have laid awake at night, rolled away from my adoring husband, looked out at the moonlight, and yearned… for Tart. An addiction.

Lucky for us, Robeks can be found at several locations around Fairfield County (although our personal favorite is the Westport location). Check the Robeks web site for the location nearest you.