S & S Dugout: The Delicious Dive That Could...

Sarah Green

In every town, often where you least expect it, lives the pulsating heart that gives that town its spirit. Amid the hustle and bustle of rural mayhem, tucked quietly on the corner of Post Road and Center Street (3449 Post Rd), lives the S & S Dugout, the little greasy spoon that "can." While other big and bossy diners of Fairfield County toot their whistles and snub their noses at those of us longing for charm and wicked Roast Beef sandwiches, (and not necessarily in that order!) S & S gives us that tiny extra push over the proverbial suburban mountain. S & S Dugout of Southport delivers with tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare that oozes with taste, not pretension.

Before I go on, let me explain - this Photo courtesy of Michael Stern Roadfood.complace is not fancy. Red booths and a few seats at the counter are all you'll get as far as furniture. Yet with the charm and allure that would put the Cullens of "Twilight" to shame, S & S draws you in. The walls are covered with the art work of children as well as several reviews of the joint. And you never get the feeling that there is a rush to get you out and the next customers in. Bring the newspaper and relax, you're home. Owned and operated for decades by Ed Saloomey (a native of Lebanon) S & S is still a family run business. Children and grandchildren are heavily involved in operating the establishment but Ed, who turned 97 this September, is almost ALWAYS there! And the name? Well, Ed and his wife are the two "S"s. And the "Dugout" is in honor of Mr. Saloomey's love for baseball and our amazing, 27th World Series Winning YANKEES!!! Sorry Red Sox fans. But i digress. And now I paraphrase -The food's the thing! And at S & S Dugout, here's what you've GOT to get:

The breakfast fare is what you would expect; eggs any style, omelets just the way you like them, bacon, sausage, the works. Outrageously delicious are the home-made mashed potatoes that are finished on the skillet and flipped onto your plate with a buttery, crunchy, buttery, crispy, and did i mention BUTTERY crusted top. You can order grilled onions the side and those, btw, are scrumptious. Lunch menu is small but admirable and burgers are always available.

But at S & S, the sandwiches are the home run! The place is famous for their Roast Beef on a hard roll. The meat is just rare enough without "mooing" back at you and Mr. Saloomey Photo courtesy of Michael Stern Roadfood.comand his crew are VERY generous! Beef is piled high and topped to your liking with melted cheese, roasted peppers, glassy sweet onion, take your pick. I MUST have this sandwich hot and steamy but some people go for the icy cold version. (must be those Red Sox fans again!) Either way, stop being a vegetarian for the day and enjoy this carnivorous feast! Also noteworthy is Ed's signature Flat Round Sausage on a roll. This, too, can be dressed to your liking and I like mine with some spicy Tabasco sauce for that extra kick. Arrive any time of day or come for an early dinner. S & S serves beer, too, for those of us that feel the need to complete the meal with a resounding belch! Go on! Show Ed that you thoroughly enjoyed your meal!

This is my favorite little spot in the area, devoid of pretension and bursting with personality. It's not for the salad and tofu crowd, this is true. But I think even the macrobiotic-raw-wheat-grass chomping waifs need a good shot of roast beef now and then. No? S & S Dugout- it's like the little engine that could. It's tiny, it's determined, and it thinks it can, it thinks it can, it thinks it can...

 3449 Post Rd, Southport. 203.255.2579

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