Winter Essentials: Chocolat Chaud from "The Pantry"

Stephanie Webster

I happened upon this cold weather remedy whole browsing the aisles of Fairfield's The Pantry (yes, I do this for fun). Always eager to find a more perfect solution to the post snowball fight chill, (and also bit of chocolate addict), I have sampled a lot of hot cocoa in my day.  I quickly realized that "The Pantry's" Chocolat Chaud is not to be wasted on the little ones. At the very least, have a sip before you pass the warm steaming cup over, or heck, just make yourself a mug.  This decadent rich treat is made with Valrhona Cocoa from France, and sugar…that's all. It is perfect in its simplicity, and lacking all those strange ingredients you can't pronounce. This little brown bag is exactly what you want in your pantry for the holidays.

The instructions on the bag tell you to mix 8 ox of milk along with 1/4 cup of hot chocolate mix, and then simmer to about 170 degrees. If you have an expresso machine, we preferred the results from the steaming wand. Either way, the cocoa integrates better into the liquid after the milk has been heated up a little. This will prevent those nasty clumps.

Drink it neat or topped with a little whipped cream. Enjoy!

The Pantry  1580 Post Rd, Fairfield. 203.259.0400