Emma Doody

Quick Facts: Once a high school English teacher, I followed my passion for food and wine all over the world... literally!  After helping open a branch of Todd English's Figs restaurant in Kuwait, I returned to Connecticut and continued to turn food and wine into a career.  Today I focus on wine, seeking out great bottles, attending exceptional tastings, covering festivals, and learning the stories behind the bottles.

My current food cravings are: Anything unusual that I’ve never encountered before!  I love tapas style because I get to try an assortment of foods at once.

The only fast food I will eat is: The McDonald’s McRib; the fact that it only emerges for a limited time makes it strangely alluring.

If I could be any Iron Chef, I would be: I'm not much of an Iron Chef fan, but I am a Top Chef connoisseur.  I root for a different cheftestant each cycle, but Gail Simmons is my culinary role-model.  I read her book once a year.

My favorite restaurant in Fairfield County is: Constantly changing!  With so many new restaurants opening and so many cuisine options, it always depends on what I'm in the mood for.  Favorites include Wafu, Taco Loco, Outriggers, The Fez, and Barcelona.

My favorite restaurant in the Tri-State area is: Colicchio & Sons in New York has always been a favorite, and I was sad to see it close.  I will always seek out David Burke creations and I enjoy Red Rooster's soulful food and overall vibe.

Restaurant dish I wish I could make at home: The Fez's lamb shank... though it is probably just as well I have to travel for it!  Its sheer size and rich port reduction makes it a decadent treat.

My go-to dinner party entrée is:  Individual, oven-roasted Cornish hens if the occasion calls, but barbequing on the grill is my favorite!

When I’m not eating, I’m…. trying delicious wines, devising food pairings, and shopping for all things pink and sparkly.

Prepared food I have let people think was home-made… I can’t do it… the guilt takes over and I fess up.

I’d rather pick (pumpkins, apples, strawberries): Apple picking is the most fun, but pumpkin is the greatest flavor.  Pumpkin spice oreos, pumpkin tea, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin whiskey... bring it!

The last book I enjoyed was: Emma by Jane Austen

My favorite movie of all time is: The Princess Bride

My favorite food related movie of all time is: Ratatouille