Little Beet Table Opens in Greenwich: Healthful, Veggie Forward, & Gluten Free!

Kristin L. Wolfe
Photo credit: Front of House

Photo credit: Front of House

The LBD. The Little Black Dress. It’s the item in a gal’s closet that never disappoints. It fits, it’s classy, not too overstated, but makes the fresh statement, “I’ve arrived.”

Well, guess who has arrived in Greenwich? The LBT. Little Beet Table.  It too is classy, not too overstated, and undeniably fresh.

Following its successful predecessors in New York and Chicago, and under the esteemed direction of chef and culinary director Matt Aita (Rouge Tomate, Daniel, Jean Georges), Little Beet Table is amping up what it means to offer fresh, wholesome delicious food. From brunch to lunch and dinner, to cocktails and snacks, LBT puts a real twist on traditional sweet and savory bites and does it all gluten-free. As one of the first exclusively gluten-free restaurants around, Little Beet Table is on top of their game when it comes to unearthing tasty, healthy alternatives for the gluten-based dishes most of us crave, but some of us can’t or shouldn't have.


When you walk into a party with sass, wearing your LBD, all you need is a smile, an air of confidence, and some fabulous somebody to offer you a drink and a tasty snack. Well LBT will do just that, ‘cause their new bar snack menu and countless drink options is on point. Actually, you could make an evening out of their tremendously, fresh cocktails and yummy uncomplicated snacks and small plates. And, how nice it is to be free of the one hundred napkins you need elsewhere  after nibbling on chicken something or others, nachos, or something else deep fried? 


Along with my gorgeous, signature LBT Margarita with watermelon and red pepper agave, I gobbled up their Spiced Almonds with pimenton, fennel, and cayenne; was truly surprised by the preparation of olives, served warm with hints of orange, lavender, and chili; and got a kick out of the popcorn that’s dressed in nori, sesame, and togarashi. I have had my share of butter and salt-laden popcorn, or have gotten lost at the bottom of a giant can of sweet kettle corn from the Jersey Shore, but this blend, was a real first.  


One of the stars on the snack menu, especially aesthetically, is the Beet Sushi. You can’t be the Little Beet Table without some rockin’ beet numbers, right? And this one was gorgeous. A riff on tuna sushi, with the beets playing the role of raw tuna, this was the heartiest of bar snacks, and packed with japanese flavors like yuzu, umeboshi, and scallion. Coupled with the sweet Strawberry Basil cocktail, you’re sure you’ve had your week’s worth of veggies and fruits, something that is “forward” and “centric” in nearly everything on the menu.


But the treats I almost snuck inside my purse, like a little old lady with another party to get to, was the Sunflower Seed Hummus with Za’atar Herbs and Watercress Guacamole with Charred Jalapeno, Scallion and Lime. Whhhhhatt? Definitely a little surprise. Hummus and Guac have certainly become staples for appetizers or snacks, but these were electrified and really danced on your taste buds as something new. And, you will swear the kitchen staff snuck gluten into the pita, but nope. Gosh darn it, if that wasn’t the fluffiest, most fulfilling gluten-free bready thang I’ve ever had. Add another green item, like the Apple + Celery cocktail with vodka, sherry, green apple and lemon, and your insides will thank you and say, This is all good for me, right?


It is impossible to taste all this creative, fresh new spot has to offer---you should see the full menu--and you’ll be glad to make it a regular place, but I couldn’t leave you hanging without reliving a few more bites. Peppers are often accessories, and many seem to overlook them, and yet at LBT, the Shishito Peppers, so perfectly smoky and blistered and served with pickled shiitakes, sunflower miso and sesame this fusion might just be one of my new fave flavor combinations. But just when that bowls me over, I taste the Salmon Crudo, then the Sheep’s Milk Ricotta with Strawberry Fennel Jam, and I’m in flavortown for good. And, don’t get me started on the Mahi Tuna Tacos or the Chili-Glazed will not be able to compute all that’s happening under that umbrella of deliciousness.


Housemade juices, cocktails, and plates filled with every fruit, veg, and spice known to palates worldwide are just some of the reasons LBT should be on your list as a new place to try and go back and back and back. But guess what, when you first walk in and notice, its light, airy design (at the hands of the insanely talented Calabrese Design team), with light wooden tables, and bright, vibrant jars of sparkly fruits and vegetables, you’ll be happy to know, that despite a bountiful experience of eating, you can still walk out of LBT at the end of your extravaganza, feel fresh,  and still svelte in that classy LBD.

Little Beet Table

376 Greenwich Avenue

Greenwich CT