Guide To Our Favorite CT Summer Farm Stands

Maddie Phelps

With the glorious warmth that summer brings to Connecticut comes a plethora of delicious fruits, vegetables, and other produce that are sure to highlight any and every meal of the season. If you’re looking to get a taste of the incredible produce CT offers when the temperature is at its hottest, you’ll surely want to make a trip to some local farm stands. As late July is upon us, however, the number of summer days left are ticking away at a startling speed. But fear not; your life just got a little bit easier. Some of the best summer farm stands in the state are listed below, ranging from the eastern most points of Connecticut to down in Fairfield County. All you have to do is find one that catches your eye and take the drive.

The Hickories: Ridgefield, CT

Comprised of 100 acres in total and cultivating on 30, this Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm is open seven days a week this summer to offer an astounding selection of their produce. They grow a variety of 180 fruits and vegetables, along with 75 different types of flowers. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the farm has the only certified organic peach orchard in the entire state of Connecticut. As June is upon us, The Hickories continue to overflow their greenhouses with seedlings, and have an array of seedlings available for sale. If you’re looking to freshen up your garden, their most popular tomato, Sungolds, is being sold in abundance to customers daily.

Garden of Ideas: Ridgefield, CT

The farm is as mystical as its very name. With 12 acres of cultivated and wild gardens, the farm boasts sunny marshland and shady woodland, making it an eye-catching space for all ages. This non-profit farm seeks to be equally sustainable and educational in its work, and sell vegetable and ornamental plants when the weather is warm. You can even spice up your garden with the variety of gnomes, Buddhas, and other garden objects that they sell year round.

Stone Gardens Farm: Shelton, CT

This family operated farm is one of Fairfield County’s largest vegetable growers. The farm’s meat and poultry will be perfect for any summer BBQ, as they have an abundance of chicken, pork, and beef to choose from. Pair that with their freshly prepared salads, sides, and veggies from the farm and your summer dinners will be better than ever. If you want to stop by the farm, their incredible butcher and equally incredible chef with a top-rated background in culinary arts will have their fresh bread, meat, soups, and more for you to bring home or eat right on the farm.

Sport Hill Farm: Easton, CT

When Patti Popp and her husband opened up this Easton farm in the year 2000, they committed themselves to growing fresh produce to be sold daily to the public. Today, the Popps do just that by selling over 100 varieties of non-GMO, sustainable produce. Their eggs from free-roaming chickens, as well as their fresh summer vegetables like corn, red peppers, and beets will make for some great additions to your own dishes as the weather heats up. 

Wakeman Town Farm: Westport, CT

This Westport farm has several upcoming events for the public to enjoy this summer. Beginning June 16, Wakeman will be opening their Saturday farm stand from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., selling seasonal summer veggies that are grown right at the farm. They will also be hosting their “Tea With Busy Little Bee” on June 8, offering lunch on the lawn and “Beer Garden at the Farm” on June 16, where they will feature local beer, live music, and artisan vendors. 

Ambler Farm: Wilton, CT

Open from dusk to dawn year round, you’ll have plenty of time to browse this 200 year old farm. Lettuces, spinach, kale, tomatoes and more will be offered this summer, as well as several events for the whole family to enjoy. The Red Barn Live Music Series will some classic hits, along with barbeque and ice cream on June 9. From the weeks of June 17 until August 12, Adventures at the Farm will grant students the opportunity to experience life on the farm, which will include cooking, harvesting, and even spending time with some goats, sheep, and pigs. 

Holbrook Farm: Bethel, CT

Under the new leadership of Jeff Taibe, Stephanie Sweeney, and Erin and Sean Reilly, Holbrook Farm seek to connect more with the local community this summer. In addition to their rows of greens and greenhouses packed with fresh produce, Holbrook’s market will offer a variety of tasty goods, such as Kombucha, croissants, and sausage. They will be hosting a Father’s Day barbeque on June 15, with chicken and sausage on the grill, as well as veggies, greens, and herbs fresh from the grounds of their farm.

Stone Acres Farm: Stonington, CT

Located in historical Stonington, this 63 acre farm is driven by growing food sustainably. Their farmstand has been open since mid-April, and its food speaks for its message of the importance of eating locally. Their market has a wide variety of produce, from bread straight from the oven to honey from their bees and strawberries picked from their fields. Additionally, you can find eggs, potatoes, rhubarb, kale, and more at the farmstand this week. You can also join their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, a partnership between you and Stone Acres itself, where the public can support and invest in the local agriculture they offer.

Belltown Hill Orchards: Glastonbury, CT

In scenic Glastonbury, Belltown Hill Orchards boasts a variety of homegrown produce from their fields for every season. As spring wraps up and their delicious strawberry season comes to an end, Belltown offers all your favorite summer veggies as the weather gets hotter: corn, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and more. In late summertime, Belltown’s renowned apple orchard will be up and running, where they will have 24 varieties of apples for customers to pick from. Once we reach July, cherries, peaches, pears, and plums will be in their ripest state at the farm, and in the market, fresh baked pastries, local honey, and jams and jellies galore will be for sale. 

Botticello Farms: Manchester, CT

Botticello Farms has been open for business since 1973, and they continue to leave their impact as the only operational farm in Manchester. In the summertime, the staff is constantly dedicating hours each day to grow the finest produce on a whopping 350 acres of land. The list of their summer vegetables is extensive, with pickles, corn, bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, and green beans, as just a few in the selection. With their motto “We Grow Our Own,” this farm emphasizes the growth of the highest quality produce that is always fresh. 

Campbell’s Farm Stand: Griswold, CT

This family farm is owned by the Campbell family themselves, who will eagerly assist any visitors during the 7 days a week they’re open for business. They carefully and safely raise their own beef, never using hormones or other unnatural products, and allow them to roam freely about the greenery of the farm. At the farmstand, you can find this meat in the forms of sausage, steaks, smoked bacon, and more. Their fresh vegetables and fruits range from eggplant and squash to strawberries and peaches. You can even find jams and relishes, as well as local honey and syrup to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Barberry Hill Farm: Madison, CT

This CSA farm has been carefully preparing their summer goods, with rows of carrots, heads of lettuce, and cucumbers as just a few of their vegetables ready to be picked. In addition to their variety of fresh vegetables for sale at the farmstand, the farm will be hosting their annual “Dinners at the Farm” with the team at the River Tavern from July 24 to July 27. Each night has a different menu that celebrates and showcases the hard work of those involved in local agriculture, with some years serving an astounding 11 courses from 12 different local farms. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance!

Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm: Lyme, CT

Since 1917, this 175 acre farm has been producing the highest quality of goods. While they began as just a dairy farm, they introduced sheep, then cattle to the farm. Today, they are proud to call themselves a sheep and cow dairy farm, and this summer, they will have a variety of meats and cheese to choose from. Their farm fresh lamb, including minced, lamb sausage, and even lamb curry. Their dairy consists of pasture raised eggs and several ricotta based spreads, such as sun dried tomato and tzatziki, a yogurt-based spread

Gresczyk Farms: New Hartford, CT

This northwest Connecticut farm grows 130 acres of vegetables, 1.5 acres of berries, and boasts an impressive team of 600 laying chickens. Their eggs, coming in sizes medium, large, extra large, and even jumbo, are sold year-round. Along with the hundreds of varieties of flowers and perennials they grow in their 9 greenhouses, their peppers, corn, potatoes, and raspberries are just a few of their fruits and vegetables to choose from this summer. Just like many of the farms on this list, Gresczyk is proud to be a CSA farm, with their summer CSA lasting 18 weeks and beginning on June 24. If you want a different taste of their farm each week, make sure to sign up on their website.

The Farm: Woodbury, CT

Located up in historic Woodbury, this farm emphasizes a combination of old fashioned values with new technology. Not only does this farm give you the opportunity to join their CSA, but they offer their very own “Harvest Card,” which gives members a CSA basket and what will be sold at the stand each week. If you’d like some meat in particular, The Farm is now taking orders for pork and beef sides all summer long. Pair that meat with some vegetables, and you’ll have a healthy and fresh dish for a warm weather dinner. The Farm’s summer vegetables include peppers, eggplants, corn, and mor

Waldingfield Farm: Washington, CT

“Listen to your mother, eat your vegetables” is the phrase that sits proudly at the top of their website homepage. And this farm definitely knows a thing or two about vegetables. They have a CSA program, are certified organic, grow produce sustainably, and have tons of vegetables year round for customers to choose from. In the summer, Waldingfield has yellow summer squash in many shapes and sizes, spinach, melons, cucumber, and corn. Waldingfield features their produce each Saturday the New Haven farmers’ market in Wooster Square all year round. Since the sun is shining and the weather is better than ever, stop by the market or take a trip to the farm itself.

Ferry Street Farm Stand: New Haven, CT

The Ferry Street Farm Stand is a part of New Haven Farms, a non-profit started in 2012 to help diminish obesity and diabetes, as well as the poverty and environmental degradation striking the local area. Promoting health and development as a community through agriculture has been their key to doing so, and their variety of partners and farms, including this very farm stand, are helping turn this mission into a reality.

Opening up on Memorial Day this year and closing their lengthy season in October, this stand features the freshly grown organic vegetables and herbs, as well as honey, mushrooms, and fruit from other local partners. If you’d like to support the local movement in your own way, the stand accepts volunteers from 9 am to noon on Saturdays.