Yalla Organic Hummus and Grill: Middle Eastern, The Way YOU Want It in Fairfield

Brett Levy

Yalla Organic Hummus and Grill has taken Fairfield County by storm. Yalla Organic is a consumer-oriented experience where you get to choose exactly how your lunch and dinner is prepared down to the last detail. This family-run business has quickly become a town staple of Fairfield… and their hummus is making me question all previous hummus choices I have made.  

Yalla Organic prides itself on the fact that the chefs make everything in house daily. This is an extremely difficult task to execute. It takes immense dedication and care. They can control everything that goes into their products and can control the quality of their food, which is the most important aspect of their business. This is a very important fact I take into consideration when I eat at a restaurant. Are these quality ingredients? Is this restaurant unlocking the potential of each ingredient to the best of their ability? I am happy to say that Yalla Organic checks these boxes.

When my Dad and I went to try it out, we were happy to be so enthusiastically welcomed by the friendly staff. What made me love Yalla Organic the most was the hummus. Yalla Organic is built upon the hummus; it is the base of each dish (bowl, wrap, salad, or pita), and is the glue that keeps the meal together and brings out the best of each ingredient. There are three types of hummus: the magic hummus (the classic), roasted red pepper (my favorite), and carrot hummus. The roasted red pepper hummus HAS to be in your dish. It is creamy and has nice kick at the end to complement the rest of the creation. 

There was a wide variety of proteins to choose from which caters to everyone’s dietary restrictions. The scrambled tofu protein is an authentic dish that is worth the try if you are feeling adventurous. The chicken shawarma is the classic Mediterranean dish, with savory flavors accompanying tender and juicy meat. They are also known for their slow cooked chicken, derived from a tomato-based soup. My dad loved the shakshuka: poached eggs in a tomato sauce with fresh herbs. It may not sound appealing, but this Israeli classic never disappoints. The classic falafel was good, not great. However, the Yalla falafel is the cornerstone of their business. They take the classic falafel and add jalapeño, cilantro, green onion, and parsley. If you like a little spice in your dish, you must try this ingenious concoction.

Unlike Middle Eastern casual restaurants, customization plays a key role in the Yalla Organic Hummus and Grill. The number of toppings you can add to your dish from the Israeli salad to the kale salad (my favorite) makes for unlimited combinations. No matter what you choose, your sandwich will distinctly reflect you. Allowing each part to add to the whole, Yalla organic has taken pride in the beauty of their ingredients and enables the consumer to create a delicious medley of flavors.

Yalla Organic Hummus and Grill
222 Post Road; Fairfield
(203) 292-8822