Conspiracy Cocktail Bar in Middletown Gets a Sustainable Ramen Menu via CT Magazine

Connecticut Magazine

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The tables and chairs were not designed with eating in mind and, through no fault of its own, Conspiracyis located more than an hour away from my house. Even so, I can’t wait to go back.

The reason?

One word: Ramen.

OK, three words: Ramen, cocktails and atmosphere.

Let’s start with the atmosphere. Conspiracy is undeniably cool. Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack cool. Accessible by an easy-to-miss doorway on Middletown’s Main Street, the second-floor space has the feeling of a secret club straight out of a film noir. Lounge chairs snake around an L-shaped room with painted-white brick walls. Edison bulbs hang from lofty ceilings, casting their warm light over a showstopping square bar. Behind the bar, bartenders twirl, mix and shake various liquids as they prepare alcoholic elixirs, often from historic recipes.

Since opening in September 2017, Conspiracy has been a mecca of true craft cocktails. Owners Mark and Jen Sabo are medical professionals by day (a pediatrician and pediatric dietitian, respectively) and cocktail enthusiasts by night. They are dedicated to the distinctly American origins of their craft, a dedication shared by the bartenders who work here. It’s the type of place where patrons can ask to see the absinthe list or talk about the legendary father of mixology, Jerry Thomas, who learned his trade in New Haven.

This pairing of cocktails and atmosphere made Conspiracy an instant favorite, but initially, the food offered was limited and more of an afterthought. That changed in January when By Moonsong, a pop-up concept by chefs Angeline Chiang and Wesley Barrington, took up permanent residency in the Conspiracy kitchen. Now Conspiracy is home to some of the best ramen in the state. 

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