Mystic Cheese Co. Opens in Groton, CT: Artisanal Cheese Shop, Wine, Beer & Classes

Elizabeth Georgian

In an unusual but convenient industrial park in Groton, just near the Groton Airport, Mystic Cheese Co. is opening a new location this month to serve homemade and artisanal cheeses to the after-work crowd and cheese connoisseurs alike. Upon stepping into the front doors at the new site of Mystic Cheese, visitors are welcomed into a cozy tasting room in which they can perch on barstool seating that offers glimpses into the impressively sized cheese maturation room.


The feeling that the owners, Brian Civitello and Jason Sobocinksi (former owner of the beloved Caseus Cheese), have tried to create with their events and cut to order cheese is relaxed, fun, and unpretentious. Mystic Cheese has definitely accomplished this with their communal tables, friendliness, and awesome narwhal logo. By doing this, their overall aim is to attract people to the world of artisanal cheeses by offering cheeses at multiple price points, cheese-centric food, and educational classes.


Mystic Cheese opens in its new location this month and will be offering events, tastings, and educational classes. March events include Cheese 101 and a beer and cheese pairing class. The best way to find out about all future events is via their newsletter or social media accounts.


Aside from regularly scheduled events and classes, Mystic Cheese will be open as a cut to order shop serving their own cheese as well as select artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, wine, and beer. Mystic Cheese Co. is known locally and across the country for several of its cheeses, which have been given fun and accessible names to attract those just dipping their toes into the realm of artisanal cheeses. The "Literary Dairy" series includes Melville, Melinda Mae, and Twain. The hits Melville and Melinda Mae are soft cheeses that are quickly ripened. Ready in approximately mid-March 2019, Mystic Cheese will have their own bleu cheese ready for tastings and purchase. And Twain should become available again in mid-May. Mystic Cheese also now has the facilities to produce hard cheeses, a world in which Civitello is excited to start exploring. Other fun naming series are also planned for new cheese.


With time, Mystic Cheese will be collaborating with their new neighbors, Beer'd Brewing Co., (not yet opened at their new location) for beer and cheese pairings and happy hour. One such tasty beer food is Mystic Cheese's original Raclette Dog, featuring melty raclette atop a hot dog. They will also offer signature grilled cheese. If you're coming from Pfizer, EB, or other area businesses, stay tuned for more from your new Friday happy hour spot.

Mystic Cheese: Airport Industrial Park, 225 Leonard Drive, Groton, Connecticut 06340 (on the left-hand-side next to Beer'd Brewing and Crossfit Inguz)