The Meatball Shop of NYC & DC is Opening in Westport!

Stephanie Webster
Photo Courtesy of The Meatball Shop

Photo Courtesy of The Meatball Shop

Westport’s “cool” factor just went up X10. We found out that The Meatball Shop, of NYC and DC fame, is opening in Westport! Cue the celebratory music. Founded by childhood best friends, Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, The Meatball Shop opened their first location on The Lower Side in 2010. Since then they have expanded to six locations in NYC and opened their first location outside of this city this past fall in Washington DC. According to their job posting on Craigslist, they are bringing their Balls to Westport, CT this Spring! A reliable source tells us The Meatball Shop will be opening in the old PORT location next to Bartaco.

Their signature balls, go way beyond beef, and are highly customizable. If you haven’t sat down at one of their spots in NYC, the “Balls” menu allows guests to “Choose Your Ball” and then “Pick Your Sauce,” either naked or as a bowl. We’re not talking about beef vs chicken here. Options include: Gluten Free Chicken, Classic, Spicy Heritage Pork, Veggie, Salmon…and even a Maine Lobster. Featured toppings include: Tomato, Parmesan Cream, Spicy Meat, Pesto, Yogurt Dill (to pair with the salmon) and even a Lemon Butter for the lobster. This is ball heaven.

And it aint just balls (can you tell I am enjoying saying this repeatedly?). The Meatball Shop serves lovely seasonal vegetable forward sides as well as salads, a great meatball hero (served on a baguette), as well as seasonal risotto, mashed potatoes, and polenta. Many of the items are gluten-free.

Infatuation NYC reports “The Meatball Shop’s balls are pretty damn impressive, whether it be on a bun or naked for the world to see. We also like the fact that they bump hip hop through the speakers, serve homemade ice cream sandwiches, and take their beer and wine list more seriously than you might expect. This is basically the Italian Shake Shack. Or maybe it’s the Uber of meatballs. Or Warby Parker for sandwiches. Jesus, we’ve been spending too much time in San Francisco.”

The bottom line. We are psyched.