8 Classic CT Drive-Ins To Visit Before Summer's End via CT Visit

CTbites Team
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One of the best parts about being on the road in the summer in Connecticut is stopping at a drive-in for a quick but tasty meal. The state has many such spots, but here are 8 of the most tried and true.

Sea Swirl, Mystic: It's easy to spot Sea Swirl as the former Carvel location, but the focus now is on fried seafood, especially clams, scallops, and oysters. 

The Sycamore, Bethel: Known for its steak burgers and homemade root beer, as well as its carhops and 1950's ambiance. Be sure to check out their web site for cruise nights and and other special events.  

Harry's Place, Colchester: Looking for a real juicy burger? Harry's shapes its patties into a ball, puts them on a grill, and then gradually flattens them with a spatula. The results have brought customers back every summer for decades. 

Glenwood Drive InHamden: In business on Route 10 for nearly 60 years, Glenwood offers burgers and dogs flame broiled over charcoal, delicious lobster rolls, grilled cheese and delicious onion rings. 

Danny's Drive In, Stratford: A Stratford fixture since 1935, Danny's features 13 different hot dogs, 11 varieties of burgers, and nearly as many sandwiches, platters and sides. 

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