Mystic’s Grass & Bone Can Be Your New Sandwich Shop & Butcher via CT Magazine

Connecticut Magazine

Connecticut Magazine shares a unique find in Mystic. Half sandwich shop, half butcher, these guys know a thing or two about meat. Check it out. 

A sandwich is a common thing. Delis and grinder shops can be found throughout our state. But once in a while a new sandwich comes along and causes us to look with fresh eyes at this most classic of foods. Down in Mystic, the brains behind the operations at seafood-focused Oyster Club and burger-centric Engine Room have launched a new venture called Grass & Bone, structured around making the best sandwiches they can, with the freshest, most locally sourced ingredients they can muster.

How fresh is the meat that goes into the sandwiches? Most of it is sitting in large fridges out on the floor of the restaurant, lit up for the whole restaurant to see, just feet away from diners eating their sandwiches. The result feels a bit like eating in an old-fashioned deli, but with gussied-up surroundings.

This unusual setup is because, in addition to a gourmet sandwich counter, Grass & Bone is a full-service butcher shop. The place is not for those vegetarians who blanche at the sight of raw meat. Behind the counter where one orders, a massive rotisserie spins with whole chickens. Patrons can stop in just to pick up a chicken to go. A whole chicken is $16, a half-chicken is $10. With a couple of the wholesome, old-fashioned, country-cooking sides (including mashed or roasted potatoes, macaroni salad, corn bread, all $5) one can leave the restaurant with a home-cooked meal for a family of four for under $35.

Grass & Bone 24 E. Main St., Mystic 860-245-4814,

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