Silvia Baldini & Alina Lawrence Launch "The Secret Ingredient Girls"

Stephanie Webster

Silvia Baldini is a local CT chef, and a national expert and celebrity in the food and media industry. Alena Lawrence is of the few women Olive Oil experts in the US, and was the owner of Olivette, an award winning boutique and olive oil tasting room in CT. The two met several years ago and immediately discovered they shared the same passions: cooking, traveling and living a high-quality life to the fullest. Now, they have joined to create The Secret Ingredient Girls, a curated site that sells only ingredients that adhere to their discerning taste and expertise in the food industry. 
They love to eat, shop and cook, and believe that great food, and really everything good in life, begins with wholesome ingredients. They also believe in the power of women to be a force in uniting the world through food.

Over time they hope to nurture a likeminded community willing to share their time-tested secret ingredients with one another. For now though, The Secret Ingredient Girls has created a space filled with ingredients that we love and hold dear.  

The shop carries oils, vinegars, pantry items, and wellness products. Each of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils is certified as the highest quality standard for EVOO in the world and their Dark Balsamic Vinegars are produced in Modena, Italy in the Traditional Style and no sugar, no thickening agents and no caramel color is ever added to it.

They are thrilled to be working with several women lead company and we will soon carry a selection of products from the US and around the globe that will reflect our commitment to wholesome wellness and overall happiness. Their offerings will include cooking and beauty oils, specialty salts, essential oils, hand-made chocolates and handpicked artisanal and pantry products and a few girly surprises.  The Traditional Dark Balsamic of Modena,  Fig Balsamic, Cerasuola EVOO from Sicily and their highest grade black  Truffle Salt are the bomb. 

Silvia and Alina are launching  The Secret Ingredient Girls from their own kitchens with a few gorgeous ingredients, but the pantry will slowly grow and develop, just like a good recipe does through time and patience.

Find your secret ingredient here.