Vote for your Favorite Steamed Burger in Connecticut!

Stephanie Webster

CTbites had the pleasure of advising the editors of USA Today's "10 Best," in the category of CT's iconic steamed cheeseburgers. Vote for your favorite here

While hamburger origin stories are numerous, one of the most enduring (and recognized by the Library of Congress) is that it was first cooked up by Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut. No matter where it was invented, it didn’t take long for burgers to start featuring cheese–a trend that became popular during the 1920s and 30s. Connecticut’s modern-day burger joints range from seasonal stands to gourmet affairs serving up just about every type of cheeseburger you can imagine. One notable offering you’re not likely to find outside the state is the steamed cheeseburger (or steamer), served almost exclusively in Central Connecticut. So who makes the best cheeseburger in the state? Vote for your favorite once per day until voting ends on Tuesday, June 26 at noon ET. Read the official Readers' Choice rules here