Bethel’s Broken Symmetry Offers San Diego-Inspired Burritos in Brewery Setting

Connecticut Magazine

We are happy to share this exciting burrito news from Connecticut Magazine.

The opening-night crowd filed into the postcard-worthy red building that was once a railroad station but had just officially become Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery. Eight-hundred pints of beer were poured as people thronged around tables, overflowing into the aisles and then outside onto a patio area.

Many, like me, were intrigued that a new brewery had opened in the Greater Danbury area. But that wasn’t the only reason we left work early and endured long lines and unintentional, mosh pit-like jostling.

We were there for the burritos.

Co-owner Paul Mannion is well known in the Danbury area as the owner of the Green Grunion food truck. Since 2013, when the truck opened, he has amassed a legion of fans who are drawn by the siren song of his crave-inducing, San Diego-style burritos.

The brewery offers the burritos along with new menu items, and I am happy to report that after multiple visits (for fear of embarrassment I won’t say how many) they deliver the same California sunray’s worth of flavor fans of the truck have grown to love/become addicted to. The burritos are joined by an assortment of Mexico-via-San Diego-inspired items. All the food is served in a brewery with a relaxed, seat-yourself-and-order-at-the-counter, beer-hall vibe.

Broken Symmetry is owned by Mannion, brewers Christopher Sanzeni and Kevin Arrington, and Lisa Tassone, who also owns popular Bethel restaurants La Zingara and Ecco Rooftop.

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