WIN FREE TIX to Ruth Reichl & Sam Kass at Westport Public Library + Q&A With Moshe (Creator of FLEX Experiences)

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Wanna WIN FREE TIX to meet culinary luminaries Ruth Reichl & Sam Kass at The Westport Public Library? We are giving away 1 ticket to enjoy celebrity lunch with Sam Kass, former Obama White House Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition ($150) and 2 tickets ($75) to hear a Q&A with gourmet guru Ruth Reichl. The former editor of Gourmet Magazine and best selling foodie author. 

TO WIN: Comment below and tell us why you need to attend these events.

Find out more about the creator of Westport Library;'s new FLEX experiences in the Q&A With Moshe Aeylon below..

You were a long time resident of Westport. Now you are a New Yorker.  What brought you back to this project at the Westport library?

Yes I lived in Westport for 23 beautiful years. It was a mentioned by a beloved friend (Stacy Bass) that engaged me in a conversation with Bill Harmer the Executive Director. It was supposed to be a brainstorming session on the phone. His vision for the WL to become among “the libraries of the future” was infectious. Our conversation proved to have a meeting of the minds, energetic and high voltage. He wished to project the new mission through some multiple experiences in the library while transforming the space. By the time we hung up, I knew I had to play with him and his team. I felt I could bring a certain sensibility to the series for community which I felt I was quite familiar with. 

In your opinion, what makes the Westport Library unique?

I think the transformation planned will make the library unique. The property alone is fantastic, it sits in the center of the town by the river. The town is in a desperate need for a space to call its own for community gatherings. I believe the future programing which will be curated with all the residence in mind will make the library an unparalleled venue. A community center if you will. A place you will want to hang out, co-work, play and become one. My personal wish would be along the lines of 92nd St Y. 

Explain the idea behind the FLEX programming. What do you wish to communicate through this experience? 

Flex was created with a Flexible Space, Flexible Programing and Flexible Service in mind. We would love the folks who are into art, literature, music, food, cinema, family and science to participate. This community is very sophisticated and has a legacy in leading the country in so many of these categories with a discerning taste. However I know many residents travel to Manhattan to quench their thirst for some of these experiences. My wish is that Flex: experiences satisfies their hunger in their back yard at Wesport Library during March 21-25 (and with our future programing. )

To those readers who are not planning to participate, what would you like to tell them about the 5-day FLEX programming which they may not have realized by looking at all the PR?

Please please go check out programing. You will realize that it’s a very healthy and diverse menu of activities. Some are free some we need to charge in order to raise funds and pay for the programing. Yet the line up is beyond fun. We have names who will stimulate all of your senses. Wether your point of view is intellectual or simply entertaining. Come take a dance class on us on 3/22 am with the fantastic Jose Ozuna of Alvin Ailey. 

For foodies like you & me, how do you see culinary programming evolve after the Westport library transformation is complete?

I hear the Flex: experiences series in March has been labeled to have a foodie point of view and it does.  We have Ruth Reichl, Sam Kaas, Bill Taibe, Annie Farrell, Lulu Powers and Elisa Altman to name a few.  All under one roof. Also once the transformation is complete the new cafe will be expanding three times its current size. The interactive cafe kitchen will offer new programming opportunities and the possibility of after hours use. The sky is the limit.  In spring of 2017, the number of people in the U.S. who watched Food Network amounted to 41.39 million within a period of 7 days. Do I need to say more? We love to be in the kitchen or watch someone else in it. 

Tell us more about the exciting food-centric events during FLEX.  What is a must-do?

Don’t miss our luncheon on 3/21 with Sam Kass. He has an amazing new book and I am sure he will tell us many stories with his collaboration with the Obamas. (He worked at the White House from January 20, 2009 to December 19, 2014, and during this period served as President Barack Obama's Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy, as Executive Director for First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign, and as an Assistant Chef.)

Elissa Altman (James Beard award winner food blogger) will MC the day and our own best selling author Jane Green is hosting it. Yes and lunch will be yummy!

The Q&A on 3/22 evening pretty amazing. Super proud to host Ruth Reichl a gourmet royalty with her amazing panel.  Our golden Chef Bill Taibe, Master Farmer Annie Farrell and Weston’s own Lulu Powers. (An entertains guru flying from Lalaland just for you.)

That evening we have a VIP experience hosted by The Whelk of Westport. You will get to meet above 4 brilliant folks at dinner. Capacity 40, so please reserve NOW! (Soon to be sold out)

Saturday night definitely a foodie experience. Our Dinner/ Dance! But I have to say; if you like to eat I know you LOVE to dance! (At least you and I do).  Chevy Chevis Entertainment is the most powerful band in NYC and beyond.  I promise you will be transported to a joyful time not to be paralleled.

Finally, what three words would you use to describe what one should expect from the FLEX programming days?

Curiosity. Creativity. Community.

(I bet, if we had to expect any words from our participants... they would be ENCORE! ENCORE!)