Oreo Vodka To Be Released This Spring in CT Test Market

Stephanie Webster

This just in from the folks that make the most deliciously addictive cookie in the supermarket snack aisle. The innovation team at Oreo has made some pretty incredible brand extensions in the past few years, including;  Oreo O's breakfast cereal, Oreo ice cream, Oreo Jell-O, Oreo pudding crust, cake mix, frosting, brownies, granola bars, and candy...not to mention the wildly popular limited edition Oreo flavors that scroll by on your Instagram feed every few months. 

Yesterday, Oreo announced a very exciting brand extension/partnership with Smirnoff Vodka. Wait for it people...OREO VODKA!! No longer will beverage and cookie lovers have to get their buzz on separately. What does it taste like? We don't know yet, as we haven't managed to get our hands on a bottle. However, CT is one of 14 test markets across the country, so keep your eyes open at your local liquor story. If you find it, let us know. Happy drinking!

Photo courtesy of @WrecklessEating

(Happy April Fools)