Anaya Sushi & Ramen: Slurp Worthy Noodles (And More) Served At All Hours

Carissa Chesanek
10 hour ramen.jpg

Anaya Sushi & Ramen has been serving its hungry New Haven crowds (and Yale students) since it opened back in 2015. reported on the venue when it was just three-months-old, highlighting its all-you-can-eat sushi and touching on its soon-to-come late-night ramen house.

Now, two years later, this venue has become a staple in the restaurant community. With its substantial all-day sushi menu (and after-hours ramen delights), casual vibe, and friendly service, owner Soraya Kaoroptham (who is also the mastermind behind Noodle House) and her team seem to have gotten it right.


Walking by this restaurant it may seem like your average Japanese go-to when craving fresh sashimi or fried tempura, but there’s something rather charming about the space once inside. When you first walk in, you’re greeted with a casual ambiance of dark woods and brick accents that make up the low-key lounge area. There you’ll find the sushi bar and a large communal table, ideal for mingling especially later on in the evening.


Head upstairs for a more intimate feel where you can score a cozy booth for four or a small table for two. Those looking for a scenic view should opt for a snug two-top by the window overlooking Chapel Street. However, just about anyone can catch sight of the sushi bar downstairs thanks to the glass windows that provide a stellar view.

The menu is extensive, offering soups, salads, wings, sushi, and ramen galore. Dumpling lovers should try the hot plate gyoza stuffed with beef, chicken, or shrimp and packed with veggies (think: peas and carrots) for one sizzling plate your palate will savor. Just be sure to let it cool beforehand.

Smoked salmon salad.jpg

For those who are into Chinese-style bao buns, the KFC is one to try. This steamed bun is made of crispy fried chicken doused in a sweet and tangy mayo that complements the tenders nicely.

A traditional green salad with ginger dressing is always a solid option at your favorite sushi spot, but take it up a notch by ordering your greens with smoked salmon and fresh mango. You’ll never know how perfectly exotic fruit and smoked fish pair together until you try this salad.


As for sushi, the Anaya’s Roll is a must. Crunchy shrimp tempura and fresh avocado makes for a great bite but the crab salad and spicy mayo on top is what really has this roll come together. Another stand-out is the Eli Whitney made with spicy tuna and scallion that is wrapped in both tuna and white fish.

And you can’t go without trying the ramen. While this is a sushi restaurant, there’s a reason why ramen is in its name. There are several different noodle options to choose from, including the Spicy Miso, Tokyo Shoyu, and the newest on the menu, Tonkotsu made with pork bone broth. You can add the protein of your choice to any ramen dish, opting for beef brisket, pork belly, chicken, tofu, or avocado. But the real stunner here is the popular 10-hour ramen made with the restaurant’s own signature broth (simmered for 10-hours) and black garlic oil. (Note: if you’re a seafood lover, ask your server about topping this baby with shrimp. It’s not on the menu but the team usually can accommodate to your liking).

And speaking of ramen, let’s not forget about the after-hours menu. Come Friday and Saturday nights (from 11pm to 3am), this sushi haven turns into Midnight Ramen, an after-hours pop-up shelling out a select menu of steamed buns, mini rice bowls, and you guessed it, ramen. Whichever menu you end up trying, you won’t leave disappointed - or hungry.

Anaya Sushi & Ramen

1150 Chapel Street; New Haven

(203) 891-6716