"OOPS I Ate My CBD:" CBD Infused Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Stephanie Webster
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There is a lot of buzz going around regarding CBD, and also quite a few misconceptions. CBD, is one of the chemicals in cannabis, but unlike THC (also found in Marajuana), CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is emerging as a very popular wellness ingredient. The plant extract, often consumed as an oil under the tongue, is now the featured ingredient in high-end products including body lotion, olive oil, cold-brew coffee, infused water, and even dog treats. Local start up, “Oops I Ate My CBD” is leveraging this emerging trend to create gourmet hemp infused chocolate bars, which come complete with 50mg of CBD per serving. The bars are made with 99.6% pure hemp derived CBD Isolate, and contains zero THC. Hence it is legal in all 50 states…and the chocolate is delicious. (Plus, I was VERY relaxed after my tasting)

“Oops I Ate My CBD” is a Norwalk based company which promotes quality of life via their culinary talents. Their CBD isolate is sourced from organically grown Colorado industrial hemp and has been manufactured in an iso lab facility to ensure it’s quality as well as undergoing third party lab testing to ensure its potency and purity. 

Their chocolate bars come in 4 core flavors ( dark chocolate, strawberry shortcake, cookies & cream, lemon merengue pie). They have also created holiday themed flavors (mint cocoa, gingernog) which are limited for the winter season. I’m a dark chocolate girl, so I started there…and ended there, but everything in their product line features excellent quality rich creamy chocolate and nice clean flavors.

Their chocolate is made using the highest quality ingredients. The chocolate is sourced from Belgium, and they use organic cocoa butter and all natural flavorings such as dehydrated strawberries and dehydrated Meyer lemon powder to keep the chocolates as close to nature as possible while maximizing their flavor. 

Each bar is packed with 200mg of hemp derived CBD and breaks down to 30 - 6.6 milligram pyramid shaped servings. 

You can find “Oops I Ate My CBD” chocolate in 8 CT locations with more coming soon. These include Utopia Smoke Shop of Norwalk CT, Chefs Emporium of Orange CT, Stoked Progressive Smoke Shop of Bridgeport CT, Terp Topia of Centereach, Vaporville of Hicksville NY, The Bororoom of Hauppauge NY, Twisted Glass of Wantagh NY. 

“Oops I Ate My CBD” is participating in our Hunger Bites campaign, and a portion of sales will go to feed the hungry this holiday season through Food Rescue US. We encourage you to buy these for every adult on your holiday list!